Paige our youngest granddaughter is in the fifth grade. The fifth graders put on a live wax museum for their entire school and parents, grandparents..etc.. she was going to portray Helen Keller. We discussed what she should wear, and how she should do her hair.

The big day was on Thursday. We heard from her mother that curlers were put in her stick straight hair, and when the curlers were removed she nearly passed out because they were pulling her hair. She recovered from her faint while lying down and having the rest of the curlers removed.

We drove up for the afternoon. We hung around in the hallway waiting for the next viewing. We were greeted by Madison whose class was going down the hall, and a teacher who reported that Miss Paige had a temp and possible strep throat and was sent home at noon.

But the show must go on. These kids did a great job, some of their imaginations were soaring to new heights. The premise is this..they pick a person and research that person, then they make a backdrop and dress like the person would have, then during the viewing they are to hold a pose.

These are a few of my favorites..

 Wyatt Earp..missing the a. I wanted to reach right over and fix it for him.

Orville Wright..who stifled a smile when I told him he had a handsome moustache.

Harry a long underwear straitjacket.


Grace Kelly..this is a fifth grader..goodness are growing up fast these days.


A missing Helen Keller..

 And the winner is..Steve Irwin..I thought this young gentleman was the spitting image..

I followed a class of second graders through the exhibit..they told me while I was standing in line that they heard there was a famous ball player, a cowboy, a astronaut and a princess inside.. I asked if they knew who the princess was..they said they didn’t know.. but maybe it would be Sleeping Beauty. I suggested Gene Autry for the famous cowboy, then Roy Rogers..they had not heard of those cowboys. Now the ball player ..they figured out it would be the Babe and it was.

Imagination seems to be alive and well in the fifth graders at Paige’s school:)

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4 Responses to Imagination

  1. Jan says:

    I saw this story on tv this week. Not sure if it was the same school or if this is a new trend. What a great idea! Would love to have seen all of them…too bad she had to be sick!

  2. buffalo gal says:

    This kind of project for elem school students is so great! Our 6th graders at LPA elem used to do (and still do) a “Wax Museum” presentation on the people who went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Each year, students just “shone” with their characterizations and the research they did to learn about them. Some students who never had much success with other school work just “took off” on this project. It was one of the best things I remember from my days of teaching at that school. Poor Paige….this is what I used to have happen every March….get strep throat and earache and run a high fever.

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    I am so appreciative of anything that encourages the imagination in young people. Mine was running full force when I was growing up. Great photos and I applaud the children who participated.

  4. abra la mente says:

    I loved when my children were involved in these sorts of projects. It looks like Paige had a wonderful display of information; it’s too bad she had to go home sick. :-( Hope she is feeling better.

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