Ice and No Robins Yet

There is still ice on the lakes. However if our warm weather continues it will be an early ice out. This is Lake Bemidji, I took this photo last week. Ice being shoved ashore is a normal thing. Sometimes it comes ashore in huge sheets, taking docks with it. Most people on Minnesota lakes remove their docks for the winter. It is a true rite of spring the weekend people put their docks back out. It is something to look forward to after a long winter.

Chance at Lake Bemidji

I have not seen a Robin in our yard yet..not for lack of trying. I have raked a little, and Far Guy even started the lawn mower and mowed down some of my wildflowers. In the summer the lawn mower brings them in to search for worms. I looked especially hard yesterday as she who sees Robin’s first was gone for a few days. The rules for this First Robin Quest are this: You must see it on our property or theirs and since they is fair. I am sure that "She who sees Robins first" will see them way before me..she probably already has seen them, has a photo and is just waiting for me to mention my sighting…but my sighting is just not happening yet. Last year it was April 11..she saw them an hour earlier than me.


I did hear from Judy that she had Robins in her yard on March 20, she lives 40 miles south of us. I got an email saying Auntie Esther saw one on March 24 just 14 miles east of us. I stood at the window a long time this morning..nothing.. I have been known to be weeks behind in my sightings.


The other day, we had the opportunity to watch the Hawks hunting in the fields. The field mice must be out foraging. We also had the rare opportunity to see a Golden Eagle feeding on a deer carcass. He was massive, I did not get a photo..he flew away to quickly. We see Bald Eagles all the time..but a Golden Eagle now there is a real treasure.


It is almost that magical time of year in Minnesota if you live on a lake. The ice as it melts is held in crystalline form, tiny icicles in the water that float on the surface. If it is a quiet evening and there is a bit of a breeze it sounds like thousands of tiny wind chimes as their irregular shapes touch each other. Very much like an "Ice Dance." It only happens for a few evenings just before the ice goes out. The ice will serenade you..if you stop to listen:)

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6 Responses to Ice and No Robins Yet

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    I should sit out and listen tonight. The ice is out around the shores now, so another day or two with this warmth we are having.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Where have all these leaves been all winter, all under the piles of snow. We raked a little yesterday. It just feels nice to be outside and I am planning on us having lunch at the outside table tomorrow! Even if we wear sweatshirts.

  3. Linda says:

    I have seen robins in our yard and saw about twenty on Hwy 34 close to PR today, so keep your eyes peeled.

  4. Lisa Johnson says:

    We have had robins here for quite awhile. (WA. State)There is one that sits on my fence looks so chubby, don’t know how it can fly.
    Love your photos & how you describe them. Thanks for sharing.You should write a book & put your photos in it.

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for your comments!
    Linda, I saw a whole flock along hwy 34 near PR on Monday afternoon too! ..north side of the road by those storage buildings..but sadly they don’t count until they are in my yard:)

  6. pyro6999 says:

    hey i saw one this morning on your side of the driveway, it was over by that new bird house in the low spot.

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