Easter Bonnets

This photo was taken in 1982 in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Someone who will remain nameless thought that her daughters should have bonnets for Easter to match their dresses. One or two years of bonnets was all they would put up with.

This was taken at Far Guys Parents house..familiar things are there..the red flocked wallpaper on the accent wall..and the infamous red couch..the one that Far Guys Dad picked out because it was red and it was long enough for him to lay down and nap on. It was also long enough for two little girls to sleep on..one at each end during the winter. The heat was rarely on upstairs during the winter..when the girls got too big to sleep on the couch and their foot wars drove us all nuts..they moved to the spare bedroom and Far Guy and I moved to the ice box upstairs.

The off white drapes were custom made for the windows. Off to the left you can see the glass blocks that were present on both sides of the picture window that framed the view of the highway. Every evening after the dishes were done, Far Guys Mom would draw the drapes and sit in her chair, then she would get out her tooth pick.

Years later when we drive by the house in the evening..the occupants don’t know the rules and you can see right into the living room. The entire block has changed..a Casey’s ( Gas Station and Convenience Store) are the neighbors..where it used to be Taskeys, Larsons and Andrews..the big trees are gone..they were removed when the highway became a four lane..I suppose that Far Guys parents old house will someday be gone too..but I have lots of old photos to remind me of what it used to look like. I also have this old photo to remind me that the girls were beautiful in their bonnets:)

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2 Responses to Easter Bonnets

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Do people still dress up on Easter like in this picture? I like the inside of Far Guy’s house, and I like the red couch.

  2. abra la mente says:

    I’m notsure I enjoyed wearing Easter bonnets, but I loved the years my girls wore their’s–didn’t last long, though!

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