What’s for Dinner?

Our yard is filled with little grey birds..the April Fools wind brought them in, they are Juncos. "Snowbirds" on their way to Canada. There are hundreds of them. Hopping on the ground..looking for seeds. The Chickadees and Nuthatches do not have to share their feeder. One of our Nuthatches seemed real put out this morning that there were so many birds in our yard..he looked around as if to say.."We need an air traffic controller in this yard."


Thursdays Baked Beans were a dismal failure..homemade beans take all day to cook..well these took all day and half the evening. Apparently they were old beans..I was disappointed..I usually make a big batch of beans and I freeze them. I froze these..we can eat them..but they are not good enough for company. Lesson learned..don’t buy beans at Wally World..and don’t be in a hurry for them to cook so you can go to the Antique Shop.

Dessert and Turkey were accomplished yesterday. Far Guy roasted the turkey and sliced it. I played with ice cream. Vanilla Ice Cream that was formed into a ball and then coated in crushed Oreo cookies and put into individual punch cups and frozen, they will be topped with chocolate, caramel or strawberries..it will be a personal choice. I have discovered over the years that even if the meal is not top notch..if the dessert is memorable..that is what people remember!

My Mom and "she who sees robins first" both were lucky Ham Bingo winners..so they are bringing Ham. Yes, she saw Robins yesterday..I had just a glimpse of one that doesn’t count..so she wins again! One of these days I will get a photo.. anyway back to the menu. My Mom is bringing a salad and pickles and daughter Jen is making homemade buns…and will arrive early enough to make some spatzle. Spatzle is a german noodle. I have made them..I do not like Nutmeg in them..and I create a mess the likes you have never seen trying to squeeze that dough through practically every strainer and ricer I had..I even tried my own pastry style bag ( A plastic bag with holes in it.) I usually buy imported Spatzle in a box..ready to cook! I hear that there is a spatzle maker out there..perhaps my daughter has one…if so I am going to steal hers. She lives near a big town and can get another. The rest of the menu is mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and mixed vegetables..simple fare for simple people. Thirteen little kids and eighteen adults. I don’t often cook for this many..but they all know my cooking skills are limited..so they will probably have lunch before they come. I invited my brother from Oregon..and my sister from Mora, Minnesota..both have declined.

Happy Easter from our house to yours, tomorrows post will just be a Easter Greeting..I will be in the kitchen:)

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2 Responses to What’s for Dinner?

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I wondered what those little birds were, we look at them out the kitchen and we hadn’t begun the search online yet. So thanks for the info. We have robins and some blackbirds with iridescent colors and sparrows and cardinals. A huge bird landed in our large tree yesterday and the bluebirds began shrieking at that bird and one by one more and more bluebirds surrounded that tree and then some of them went inside the evergreen branches and they were all so disturbed by that huge bird. I don’t know what kind of bird it was but it was such a huge deal and we watched for over an hour. Hubby went out there and walked up to the tree, the bluebirds didn’t run away like they usually would and finally that huge bird came out from hiding in the interior and left. Then it was calm again. I hope you enjoy your Easter with whatever family is able to be there with you and I am sure your food contributions will turn out great.

  2. buffalogal says:

    YOu have a safe haven for the migrating juncos. My retired friend in DL had the horror of having Juncos on her deck when a hawk swooped out of the sky and grabbed on of them. She was traumatized for days…and I would have been too.
    I am cooking tomorrow but not for the size crowd you are entertaining. It’s nice to have others bring things…my daughter in law is bringing everyone’s favorite—snicker salad! I am making ham and roast beef and a huge kettle of mashed potatoes (family fave) and will make a batch of Big Rock Coleslaw. I made shortcake this morning for raspberry (from the garden!) shortcake for dessert. It seems a springy thing—-shortcake with berries and cream or ice cream.
    I wish you a wonderful day with your family!!! Every day is Resurrection Day but we celebrate it especially tomorrow!

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