The Natives are Restless

You know that is is spring when the pager starts going off during all times of the day and night for grass fires. I am not pointing a finger at any one group, but they seem to be involved more often than not.


Occasionally it is buildings like the old grocery store the other night.


Across the the site of the old bank, the green grass is growing through the black. They burned this a few weeks ago.


Up on the reservation, black is a predominant color. Perhaps someone was released from jail, or had served their time. Sometimes in the spring the BIA comes in and does control burns so that there is nothing left to set on fire.


Evil spirits sometimes invade a house. Let me tell you, once they are convinced that the spirits are evil there is no way that they will let it stand. I was at one place three times in one day for a house fire..finally it was allowed to just burn. They were determined. Sometimes they are determined with the grass fires too..they drive along the road and throw flaming rolls of toilet paper out the windows. Sometimes suspects are apprehended..sometimes they go to jail..most of the time they just go about their merry ways.


In 2004 they burned everything that they could on the reservation..and came off the reservation to start fires that would travel in the dry southern winds that plagued us that spring. That year they started a fire just south of made for a really tense afternoon and evening. I wrote about it, in a blog post called Spring Fires.


This weekend the weather is supposed to turn warm..with no rain we are really dry..the grass has not greened up yet..everything is brown and dry. Anyone with pine trees surrounding their house should be extra travels really fast in the and hot..we have Oaks here. This is the time of year that I am really thankful that I live in the safety of the Oaks:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I know you appreciate the safety of the oaks. I would too. We have so much green here and it happened over a week.

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