Bear Stories

We had a celebrity visit our area yesterday. He had big feet and scared the local children..because he was just too big! Jordon said he would high five him if he was smaller..Gavin stayed way back..he wasn’t even getting close.

 Eventually the little girls were brave..especially Olivia and Hailey..


Northwoods children are often told..Bears live in the woods. This becomes ingrained into our children. I once told our Grand girls that there were no bears, the girls were following me very closely on our walk..hanging onto my pants legs, whimpering about bears. I so brilliantly stood in the middle of our drive and shouted " Bears, you pack your bags and move to Hawaii." This worked for a couple of years then when their parents talked of going to Hawaii..the littlest(Paige) broke into tears..because that is where the bears were..being a Grandma is sometimes difficult.

Smokey The Bear was here for the Grand Opening of the new Fire Hall (Carsonville Station Number 2) and the Osage Community Center. There was cake and coffee and a time for visiting…the acoustics in the Community Center are was noted to me by everyone that I spoke to that had a hearing aid. There is no carpeting on the floor and no drapes to absorb any of the it just bounces around the room..until it is impossible to carry on a conversation. It all becomes a hollering contest to see who can be the loudest. We had coffee and left. It won’t be on my list of places to rent for gatherings.

The Fire Hall part is very nice..a great addition to the community. Now if the township could just afford a few decent firetrucks for their brand new hall..for now they are dependent on Station Number Ones extra equipment. It will meet the requirement for the Insurance companies less than five miles from a fire hall discount rule, so that homeowners on that side of the lake are able to get their discount. I imagine that some of the people over on that side of the lake will complain..and pretty soon the parking lot will be paved so they don’t get their feet all muddy when it rains. They got a mile or two of blacktop a few years ago because some old ladies in Cadillacs complained about their cars getting dusty on the dirt roads…so a little bit of blacktop in the parking lot should be a piece of cake.

Oh, I should be quiet now..I sound like a grumpy old bear myself.

We don’t often see Bears in Minnesota..I have only seen two in my ran across our driveway in front of Far Guy and I years ago. The other one woke up during an Auction sale I was at when the mobile food wagon was frying up hamburgers. Our neighbors Al and Erna woke up one morning to muddy paw prints on their windows and their bird feeders empty… my cousin Geraldine had one on her deck looking in the kitchen window..she is a really good cook! As soon as she called for help..the bear high tailed it into the woods..I told her she should have taken a photo..she just giggled at me:)

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3 Responses to Bear Stories

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I can certainly understand why little kids are intimidated by huge hairy “people”. Hubby and I were talking about clowns yesterday and my kids were frightened by them when they were little.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    I have a couple of TRUE bear stories for you but I am going to e mail them to you….they are a bit too “earthy” for comments!!

    We also have a great book of true bear stories that are really high adventure and some are scary. We bought it in Montana…home of
    Grizzlies because most of the encounter stories are about grizzlies. (uff dah….I like black bears better)

  3. pyro says:

    you know im only 4.8 miles from the osage station, in betting you and far guy are inside the 5 miles also.

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