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A new addition to our desk came last Friday. I ordered a Laptop with the help of my brother, he researched them for me and suggested three different price points and features. This one is middle of the road, I believe it will serve our needs well. It has Windows 7, which will take some getting used to.

I am really challenged when it comes to the tiny, shiny cursor mover. I tried unsuccessfully for about an hour to click and drag which were the instructions I received to crop a photo. Luckily they make things for people like me, it is called a wireless mouse. Later in the week perhaps daughter Jen can give me a lesson or two, I should learn new things, instead of just becoming frustrated.

We needed a laptop, just in case we do some travelling, and Far Guys computer is giving him the dreaded blue screen every once in awhile. My computer although older than his, has perked up a tad after I dumped a bunch of photos onto the external hard drive.

I tried yesterday to network all the computers to use one printer. Something that should be so simple, as I followed every tutorial there was online, but still could not get Far Guys computer to print from my printer..it recognizes the printer..and things wait in queue..then nothing. My brother tried it when he was here..with no success either…since he is much smarter than I ..I don’t feel so stupid. Far Guy just came over and said "It’s impossible..you will never get it figured out. " I will eventually..just not yesterday..we must need a driver or have to change some advanced setting..someday I will figure it out. It may be a firewall problem..If and when I get it fixed we can get rid of one printer..which will create more room for one of us. Far Guy can just stack up more books and stuff to dust over on his side.

Far Guy built this log looking computer desk for us, he custom built it to fit the space. It works well for us, since it is centrally located between the living room and the dining area and I cannot see the kitchen or the sink from my spot ..I am happy:) 

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3 Responses to Our Desk

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    The desk looks great, and I like how you say you can be at the desk and not see the kitchen. Smile.

  2. buffalogal says:

    FarSide, you are so cotton-pickin’ awesomely computer smart! I just lose my breath thinking about how good you are with your computer.

    From the original subject of COMPUTERS FOR DUMMIES (BG)

    I am just glad I figured out (with alot of assistance ) how to start my blog a few years back—that and e- mail and a bit of knowledge about how to word process…and that’s it for me!
    Oh I know how to search for things on the ‘net also…sort of. I find what I need by “googling ” mostly.

  3. Dumbo says:

    Congratulations on the new computer. Just use the wireless mouse. I know a lot of people who get frustrated with the touchpad or joystick (I have used both and hate both of them) and just gone out and bought a mouse.

    As far as getting all of the computers to use one printer can be a bit of a challenge. Step one is to make sure that the share printer is (on) on the computer to which the printer is connected. Then go to the computer you are using and install the printer. Good Luck. If you still are having problems send me an email and we will try something else.

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