Birthday Girls

Our eldest daughter and our second granddaughter have birthdays one day after the other. They are 26 years apart..Maddie was 12 this year and our daughter is now..ahemm..38. Uffda that makes you feel a tad old..

Maddie loves horses..this was one of her very first horse rides..she was absolutely thrilled! (Thank you Amanda and Leah!) She talked about this horse ride for years!

Last Summer she spent a week at my sisters really learning how to ride. Maddie would like nothing better than to have a horse..unfortunately they live in town.

Her Mother was also a horse nut, she eventually did get her own horse when we moved from the city to the country. These photos I found recently..Farrah and Trica during a 4 H share the fun at the local county fair one year. I don’t think the horse was so thrilled with all the activity..but she survived.

Happy Birthday Girls! I hope your dreams of horses and a place in the country come true someday. I am sure that their almost shared birth date has something to do with their love of no one else in the family seems to be bitten by the horse bug…well..except for don’t suppose I am responsible for all this dreaming and wishing about horses do you? :)

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3 Responses to Birthday Girls

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You probably had some influence on them. Yep.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I bet your grand daughter would like the book LEAH’S PONY! There are many good horse novels out there for young people. She probably has them all!
    (You can take the librarian out of the library but you cannot take the library out of the librarian!!)

  3. Ann says:

    I love my horse. Boo Babe. Had to sell her when we build the new barn in 1980.

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