Wistful Wednesday: Confirmation

This is Far Guy’s Confirmation Class. ( I put a red dot on Far Guy!)  This was probably taken in 1964 or 1965. Far Guys Dad took this photo, or someone that had his camera..I can tell because it is a polaroid. Eighteen kids were in this class..Pastor Malotky had his hands full (He is also the Pastor that married us in 1969). In the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod children are forced to attend confirmation classes for two years..back then it was Saturday mornings. So lets see..you go to school five days a week, then on Saturday you still have to get up to go to Confirmation..and then Sunday of course there is Church.

In the spring there is fishing, and two of these teenagers had fathers that were going off fishing. The boys who I will not name..but I dated both of them.. promised as God was their witness if the Pastor would allow them to go fishing that they would attend church every Sunday for the rest of their lives.

Memorization..when was the last time I consulted the "what does this mean" part of an article or a commandment.. I will tell you when..in confirmation. Far Guy had to memorize them and say them out loud if selected. In my confirmation class, our Pastor was old and he let us say them as a group. So we used to play hangman during confirmation class. We didn’t have a proper classroom in the old country church, so we just sat in the pews of course no one ever sat in the front pew. So you could hide out behind the high backed pews and play games all morning. Our Pastor was old and plump, once he got sat down..he hardly ever got up again until it was time to waddle to his car. His car was an instrument of God..one day in the spring..the culvert was out and his car and God flew him safely to the other side.

I believe confirmation is important, but it should be something started when the child is young..way before they want to go fishing or learn to play word games. I also believe that these men of God should keep things realistic for their students. Who in their right mind would extract such a unrealistic promise from young boys, and who would entertain their students with tales of miracle flying cars:(

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4 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Confirmation

  1. buffalogal says:

    Nice to see Farguy as a 13 or 14 year old! He was not nearly done growing then was he??? My hubby grew about 5 inches the year he turned 19 after he was OUT Of HS.
    Confirmation: a mostly useless rite practiced for parents and grandparents and other relatives. I agree that the “spiritual instruction” begins at home and begins early….there would be no need for confirmation rites if this were done. (Deuteronomy chapter 6 tells how it should be done. Many non-mainline fellowships do not even have anything like Confirmation..the children are instructed from the earliest ages in things like Awana—-a scripture based program for young ones. My confirmation classes (2 years of repeat instruction) were mostly futile. Our pastor was also very old and getting almost senile; he could not find his glasses during one class because they were perched on top of his head. And we weren’t telling him! The boys in the thrid row always made “fart” sounds in their armpits but the pastor did not hear that either..he was getting deaf besides not being able to see much without his glasses. It was pathetic. I shudder to think of those classes and feel bad that it was not taken serously very much by most of the students. I was quite serious and memorized everything in the books but what should have been happening was for us to memorize long passages of scripture. It would have been far more helpful to us now!
    (My opinions which you know I am not shy about expressing!!)
    None of our grandchildren have gone through confirmation but know their scriptures very well thanks to good instruction at fellowships like the Evangelical Free Churches.

  2. remrafdn says:

    I agree with buffalogal. While memorization might be good mental disciplne for pilots to blackmail teens into regurgitating that stuff on demand is counter-productive. Our pastor was never less than 15 minutes late, but he always gave the whole spiel. After waiting an hour for him we could leave. That happened once or twice. Mostly 15 to 45 minutes late.

  3. Cathie says:

    The positive side of memorization is that at some of our lowest points in life (when we need comfort the most), we remember those things we learned in confirmation because they were so ingrained. I’d like to hear what Far Guy thinks as we went to the same church and through the same confirmation classes. Although NOT the same year!!!!!!! :)

  4. buffalogal says:

    I AM comforted by SCRIPTURES I have memorized; certainly not comforted at all by the things I had to memorize our of confirmation books!
    If confirmation instruction encouraged LOTS of important scripture memorization I could agree with its being done in churches.

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