Spring Ephemeral

Big word, big word..but an important one. Ephemeral= Lasts only for a short time, brief, a flower that may only bloom for one day. ( I fem rel)

Up here in the sticks the Liverleaf or Hepatica americana is a native spring ephemeral. These plants retain their leaves during the winter, the older leaves turn a reddish brown color and the new leaves are green. They shoot up their flowers skyward to capture the warm rays of the sun before the leaves totally obscure the suns rays from the forest floor.

This is Round Lobed Hepatica. It will usually start out a purple color and then fade with time..it can be found in any color from purple to pink to white.

A beautiful little plant that just shouts SPRING! It is a short lived shout..so you better pay attention!! I am so glad I was able to capture it.


We spent most of Tuesday afternoon exploring..at one of our stops I found this Marsh Marigold or Cowslip with the real name of Caltha palustris. I got out of the car on the passenger side, and began to take some photographs on the other side of the road..when I turned to take some photos in the other direction my advance was stopped by my husband ..he said " Sweetie, trust me, you don’t want to go there." SNeAKEy way for him to tell me that he saw something I am ssscared of. He drove down the road a bit and toward the center of the road so I could get in the car..I was very proud of myself..I did not scream and I did not bawl..I guess I will have to start carrying my walking stick and beat the grass out of the window before exiting the car:)

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5 Responses to Spring Ephemeral

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Saved by Far Guy. I think we do that in life all the time. We get something in our sight and see just that and miss some things right around us.

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks for the pretty pictures! We used to go “tramping in the woods” in the Minnesota River valley. Loved the flowers in the spring and the crunch of the leaves in the fall. Springs would gush out of the rocks and always had to stop for a drink. Wonder if they are still there. Now you can’t get to those places. Would like to expose the grandsons to some of those times. Ummm…

  3. ineeda says:

    I love the spring ephemerals. Anything I have around here, though, I had to plant myself. The grove of trees was probably grazed down to nubbins decades ago and very little of the undergrowth survived. One of my treasures, a nodding trillium, came from a neighbors yard. I haven’t seen it yet this year, come to think of it. Hope it returns!! Isn’t it early in the year for the marsh marigold? Love your pictures!

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi ineeda, It is a little early for Marsh Marigolds..but this spring is early and all messed up..so who knows:)

  5. dahlenje says:

    Glad he saved you. Remember that time when there was a dead one in the basement and you jumped up on the freezer? Thanks for passing on your fear of snakes but not your green thumb. Today I blogged before I read your blog, yet either way I would have blogged about flowers.

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