Turtle Tryst

We call this place Turtle Slough..the Aspen ( Piss Popple or Populus deltoides) is breaking bud. You can see it in the background..a fine misty green. Yes, I know it is not much..but it is a beginning!

We have two kinds of turtles in our area, Snapping Turtles ( I hope I get to see one again this year) and Painted Turtles or what lots of people call Mud Turtles.

Painted Turtles brumate all winter. This less active state of brumation is brought about by cold weather and the decrease of daylight. They dig down in the mud and their metabolism slows down, they do however drink water from time to time so it is not called hibernation.

Anyway..the turtles are now out and about and doing what they do best in the spring..Bask. They must bask in the sun, they rely on the warmth of the sun to warm them enough to digest their food. Sometimes this basking leads to some other activities.

Far Guy said "There is a cluster of basking happening right here before our eyes." Ah spring fever..how often have you been at a good old fashioned Turtle Tryst?

There was a wayward turtle that needed rescuing… Chance was afraid of it..the big chicken. This turtle might have had a hot date on the other side of the road. He was getting there slow but sure..

Far Guy helped it get across the road..safely out of the way. Chance stayed safely out of the turtles way. These little turtles can make a hissing sound.

I like the spring of the year, when things begin to awaken from their long winters nap. Everyday is an adventure:)


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4 Responses to Turtle Tryst

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Fun photos of the turtles getting close and personal with each other.

  2. Jan says:

    You are just FULL of FUN FACTS!!

  3. abra la mente says:

    Ya know, I can always count on you to tell a story and teach me a thing or two about nature with your camera. I don’t think I ever heard of brumation…or at least I wasn’t listening. Thanks for the science lesson!

  4. ineeda says:

    I learned a new word today – brumate! Almost every summer we get a huge snapping turtle in the yard. That’s a turtle the dogs need to steer clear of! I should send you a picture of the one that was on the patio.

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