Conversations with Adam

This conversation revolves around Adam, who is eight and the baby of our family. He is in second grade. We "grand sat" recently while his parents were at a conference.

He listened well all evening, he complained only about a hole in his sock. At bedtime he told me the rules. " Grandma, I get tucked in, we cuddle and talk about what we are going to do tomorrow, then I say my prayers and you listen." OK..I can do that. We talk about the next day and how difficult he is to wake up..and that I am going to let Chance wake him up by washing his face. He blesses everyone in the whole Universe..he wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. I am dismissed, "Grandma, you can go now, turn down the light, but don’t turn it off."

The next morning he is a bear, well I am a bear in the morning too..I like to wake up on my own. I have been awakened by the tween boy child taking a half an hour shower. He is an early riser and likes to be up for one hour and forty five minutes before he leaves for school. The bear must be snappy as he has only forty five minutes. "I want Strawberry Pop Tarts Grandma" No Luck..he has to settle for Toaster Strudel and chocolate milk. "I want socks without holes in them" "My Dad put Noah’s pants in my drawer again..geesh..he always messes it up." "Don’t look Grandma..I have to change these pants." "I am not looking Adam, my eyes are closed lets hustle."

At the table, I load them up with stuff for lunch..they pack their own lunch bags. Adam says " Today I am taking all my stuffed animals to school." I said "I don’t think so, pick one and put it in your backpack." We banter back and forth. Noah said "He is just trying to pull one over on you Grandma." He stuffed two in his backpack..

After school, I asked "How was your day?" " Fine, but I got a hole in my sock" He was elated when I told him that he and I were staying home while Noah and Grandpa went to guitar lessons. He had a friend over to play. They played was one of his trouble maker friends. But we had no trouble.

At bedtime, Adam told me "I have something that has been bothering me for a long time.   It is my friend, he does stuff and then gets me in trouble, I get blamed for stuff he does." There were big alligator tears..the ones that just well up and make your eyes look all glassy. I suggested that his friend was a troublemaker, and that Adam should just keep his distance. "But Grandma, he doesn’t have any friends." ‘Well Adam, maybe if he realized that his behavior is losing him friends..he will wake up." "But he is really funny Grandma, sometimes he does stuff to make you laugh." In Class?? "Yes, I am tired now Grandma." We have to remember to read tomorrow Adam..would you like to read Grandma some of the Dumb Bunny Books? "Sure, I am really tired." He said his prayers, again blessing everyone in the entire universe. He said "You can turn the light down now, see ya Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow..Right? " "Right Adam..tomorrow they will be home."

Socks seem to be high on your priority list when you are in second grade..and friends. His favorite books are the Dumb Bunny Books by Dav Pilkey, if you have a first or second grader in your family I suggest you purchase a set. They are some of the funniest children’s books I have ever read, and they are fun to read aloud to your Grandma:)

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3 Responses to Conversations with Adam

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Awww, what a wonderful warm loving time with grandchildren. Love the picture of the hole in the sock. Glad you had this time with them.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    You and FarGuy are the BEST of grandparents! You love those kids so much and really spend quality time with them all.
    I love the Dumb Bunny books too…they were nearly always off the shelf in our school library. I especially liked their dog named “Kitty” and the way they slept with their feet on their pillows!!!!

  3. ESP says:

    Yes, nice blog today! Adam’s Mom

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