Train Shows

Last weekend after "grandsitting" we high tailed it to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There was supposed to be a huge train show there and Far Guy had been looking forward to it for months. When we walked into the mall we both looked at each other and said "This is it?" One track with a couple of old guys and a kid, nothing to swap, nothing to buy unless you want to go to the Hobby Shop. Far Guy was so disappointed, I felt sorry for him. It was a good set up to create awareness about the hobby of trains, it was just not the type of train show we were expecting.

Yesterday we travelled 3 hours to a real train show, a swapping, bargain, everything you could ever want to find under one roof train show. Far Guy was a good shopper..he got one piece that was part of his original train set..Lionel (his engine and coal tender are from 1951)..magnatraction.. and O scale in train talk. When he gets the "new/old" piece cleaned up and working I will take some photos of it..I have been hearing about this piece for years. We are still looking for the helicopter that flies off one of the flat cars..and the logs that are unloaded from another car. Oh and a Desoto car that is less than 165 dollars, maybe at an estate sale or an never know. It is good to have a hobby where you are always looking for something, the hunt is part of the adventure.

Now who in their right mind would buy this? A brass train..I asked if I could take a photo..they said "Knock yourself out" It is beautifully exquisite..but at a thousand dollars for two pieces..I will wait until I win the lottery.

I visited with a number of men, these train guys are really friendly, the place was could hardly walk. Far Guy was like a little kid grinning from ear to ear! I took his first few bags of treasures out to the car and walked Chance in the rain..then we sat in the overhang of the building and enjoyed the rain falling.

I did make one purchase. Something for Far Guy to add to his collection on the wall upstairs in his train area.

I have always been fascinated with the lifestyle of Hobo’s..just travelling from one town to the next on the trains. Carrying everything that is important to you in a red hankie tied to a stick slung over your shoulder.

They are giving away a door prize, it is a Lionel Nascar Train Set O Scale..Far Guy says he hopes I win so that I can begin my very own train layout upstairs. I know there are many women that are involved in trains, I am just not one of them..I am more of a support person..who likes to stop at all the Antique Shops along the way to a great Train Show! :)


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4 Responses to Train Shows

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    We all have our favorite hobbies–it is wonderful when spouses support each other in their quests, as you two always seem to do!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    The train hobby is important to a lot of people. One of my best friends is a supporter of her husband’s love of train like you describe you and Far Guy.

  3. buffalogal, says:

    I recall the days of the train hobos; if the word got around that a hobo or hobos were in town, all the mothers frantically gathered up all the kids and kept them inside the houses.

    What did we learn? Hobos are scarey!

  4. Ann says:

    Dave’s Grandfather road the rail.

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