A May Day Reminder

Last year I told y’all that I would remind you that May Day was coming up and you should get your butts in gear and make some May Baskets and fill them with candy and or flowers and deliver them on the coming of May. May Day is this Saturday!!

Last year I was told..no one does May Day Baskets anymore..well excuse me..I do..and many of my readers thought it was a great idea, and they could remember doing it as a child. Some had never heard of this May Day Custom. When I was little we looked forward to May Day, baskets were always made, filled with candy or cookies. They were loaded up in a cake pan and delivered one by one, you ran from the car to the house and put the basket on the door knob and then ran back to the car. If someone came out of the house they were supposed to chase you and kiss you. After our deliveries we went home to wait for someone to deliver a basket to our house, which wasn’t hard to watch for..we had a fairly long driveway.

I will make some baskets and deliver them to my great nieces and nephews filled with skittles and fruit roll ups, and I will probably make Hooch and Odda a basket with dog bones in it.

This is a holiday that I enjoy..I don’t have to cook or clean or get all dressed up. I don’t have to shop for days..buying the wrong thing, May Day is one of those days that I don’t have to pretend to enjoy…for me it is one of those effortless fun days.

I made a pattern using a plate and a plain piece of paper. I made the first one too large, I folded down the straight edge til I got it right! I then transferred the pattern to a piece of 12 X 12 scrapbook paper..twice.. centering the half circles, that way I still have two straps for my baskets at each edge. It isn’t rocket science…I formed the cone and used a stapler to hold it in place, then you attach the handles..viola a May Day Basket!!

You could have small children that like to color, do their own designs on pieces of paper..I was tempted to do some coloring myself! I miss coloring, my grands hardly ever color anymore.

You could buy some cups and make a handle out of a pipe cleaner, you could decorate the bottom of a cake mix box..you could just let your imagination run wild.


Certainly there is someone in your neighborhood that needs a May Day Basket..a child, a little old lady, maybe someone who you have never met but would like to. May Day is the perfect day to celebrate the small child within you! :)

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7 Responses to A May Day Reminder

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Your pictures do a great job. It looks like making the baskets to hang on the doors will be fun. Yours are so pretty. Great idea.

  2. esp says:

    Fisher School is doing them for for the city this year, I was asked to bring candy but I forgot. :(

  3. pyro says:

    its also my 30th birthday on may day!!

  4. homd says:

    I remember doing May Day baskets, too. In fact, that was my first kiss from a boy! *blush*

  5. buffalogal says:

    When we got into grades 4-5-6 our Maybaskets were made from 2 paper napkins filled with the goodies!
    It was easier than the fancy ones because we gave to everyone in our class.
    What kind of paper is that? Is it scrapbooking pages????
    They are simple and attractive…I would like to make a couple if I don’t get too tired out from participating in filling the food bags on Friday for the Feed My Starving Children project going on here for Haitian orphanages.

  6. Far Side of Fifty says:

    HI B Gal, Yes, they are scrapbook pages..from the dime store..using 12 x12 I could get two baskets out of one piece of paper! :)

  7. abra la mente says:

    Brings back memories. I will be with my sister Saturday–perhaps I should make each of them a little paper basket of treats. I’m going to cheat, though. I have some prefolded patterned cardstock sheets that go over a little plastic snack bag.

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