Places I Remember

There are places I remember. That song has been running through my head since yesterday. I believe it is correctly called "In My Life." It was a hit for the Beatles. I remember when the Beatles became popular, my Dad called them "Long Hairs" ..looking back they were pretty radical for the time. By today’s standards they were pretty tame and harmless. You have to recall that most guys wore crew cuts back they were really "long hairs" in comparison. I believe my Dad also called them girls, because of their long hair.

I remember the directions Far Guy used to give kids looking for his house. "I live right across from the Smokey The Bear sign." That sign has not been moved in over fifty years.

Although the color of the house has changed, it used to be white, Far Guys Mom would never have painted it grey. The house is still the same. Some have gone and some remain. It is the only house on the block that remains. The rest of the block was sold and a Casey’s Gas Station and Convenience Store occupies the old neighbors space. Someone planted a Forsythia and something that is pink flowerd.  There is a new sidewalk out front, but the alley outback is still the same. Far Guys Mom would have never allowed all that junk in her yard either.

All these places have their moments. Moments of joy, and moments of sadness. Moments that you can never go back to, bittersweet moments that you can never reclaim. The little trees that were planted out front as a shield from the highway noise, grew skyward every year until they filled up the entire front yard. Only a memory now removed when the highway was widened. You can now see the entire front of the house from the road. Far Guys Mom would have hated that, I am sure that people have turned over in their graves for less things..after all they lived in this little house for forty five years together. I will never lose affection for people and things that have went before, I’ll often stop and think about them. This is just one place I remember :)

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4 Responses to Places I Remember

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You had a solid childhood and places and people who are worth remembering. Nice to hear you say how much these mean to you.

  2. abra la mente says:

    I love that song and most of the places of my childhood. I love having little reminders of people who have been part of my life. I sometimes think of it as having an old soul!

  3. ineeda says:

    Hi Farside – My grandmother used to be so proud of the maroon-leaved maple trees on either side of her front door. I’ve never seen those kind of trees anywhere else. The pink flowering shrub you mentioned may be a Rose Tree of China. Any idea what kind of shrubs are blooming with white flowers in the roadside ditches right now?

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi ineeda, No idea..nothing is blooming in the ditches here yet..but you are further south than us. The choke cherries are blooming in the woods and maybe the pin cherries too..that is it for blooms:)

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