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Avenue of Flags in Detroit Lakes, MN

The Avenue of Flags is on display every Memorial Day and Veterans Day at Oak Grove Cemetery in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.   This project began in 1991 with 43 Veterans Burial Flags. As of Veterans Day 2009 737 Veterans Burial … Continue reading

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Chance : My Sister

Yesterday my sister was in charge of me. Far Guy went off to the Dentist with Far Side in tow..he needed to get a bad tooth pulled..Far Side needed to make sure he was going to be OK..hold his hand … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing

Jen, Andy and the Grandboys are here, we are doing some fishing. I am only taking photos and being the fishing cheerleader "great cast" "wow what a catch! "  Noah  Adam and Andy  Jen and her brother Chance. It is … Continue reading

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For the birds

It was a good week for the birds. I not only have to make time to photograph all the wildflowers but the birds distract me too.   Remember the little ugly robins..well they are all feathered out and one by … Continue reading

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Yellow Lady’s Slipper

The mystery photo last Tuesday was indeed a Yellow Lady Slipper!   Years ago Far Guy ordered tiny little plants from a laboratory in Minnesota called Spangle Creek Labs. These plants are the result of those plantings.  In Minnesota you can … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Cousins 1958

This is a photo taken in 1958 or 1959. It is Far Guy and some of his cousins. It was taken at Uncle Ronald and Aunt Beryls house on the mill pond at Osage. There are two older cousins not … Continue reading

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Wildflowers: May 25, 2010

Today I will catch up some with the wildflowers.  First the Buttercups or Caltha paulstrus that grows quite freely in wet areas here. They are also called Cowslips and Marsh Marigolds. I always look for these as a signal that … Continue reading

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Wildflowers: May 24, 2010

Today I will show you some white flowers.. The Sweet Grass or Hierochloe odorata or Holy Fragrant Grass is in the front wildflower gardens. The Native Americans burn this grass as a purifier before their ceremonies because it keeps out … Continue reading

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Airshow 2010

Yesterday we travelled up north. We went to the Air Show that was being held up at Grand Forks Air Force Base just outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota. We picked up the grand- girls in the morning. They were … Continue reading

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Chance: Hidden in the woods

Hey it is I the handsome blogging Border Collie. I am supposed to tell you about what was hidden in the woods..not that I was ever allowed to see it or anything..Far Side said I ran right by and didn’t … Continue reading

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