Goodbye April, HELLO May!

This little woodland violet shows up every spring..she is a pretty little thing..I have never found her exact name. So she is just a Violet. We are one month closer to flowers!

Yesterday I was pissed off all afternoon. We got roped into doing something because Far Guy is a nice guy and never says no. He doesn’t like to stir the pot. Why is it that if you volunteer your time once it is written in stone forever and ever. I wanted to stir the pot so badly I could taste it..but because Far Guy asked me to be sweet..I was..sweeter than pie. I was so nice, that sugar must have dripped from my lips..instead of venom.

Enough said about that..

Chance is feeling better, he is almost back to his normal self. We finally got some more much needed rain..there is nothing like the smell of a wet dog! Far Guy got out Chances little blue swimming pool..he loves splashing in the water on warm days.


The Bluebirds showed up on April 21st, they are occupying one of the new nest boxes that we put out early this spring. I have not been able to get a photo of ours yet..but I did get one of the neighbors one evening. I have a chair moved out near our occupied nest that they get used to it..Chance and I sit out there from time to far it has been the wrong times..but I am a patient person.

Today, Chance and I will deliver our May Baskets..they are filled and waiting in the old aluminum cake pan ready to put some smiles on some familiar little faces. This past week was birthday week in the neighborhood, she who see robins first is in the last of her forties. Nephew Josh turned thirty as did Niece Kate’s husband Hunter ( he was a May Day baby), I recall turning thirty..I thought it was quite old and over the hill. Happy Birthday Everyone! :)

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One Response to Goodbye April, HELLO May!

  1. buffalo gal says:

    So glad that my boyfriend Chance is feeling better!
    Also love the pictures of your new bluebird houses. We bought one but it is too late to put it up this year. Next fall we will probably install it near a big ash tree on our hill so that bluebirds have a tree nearby to land in. I learned that from watching your bluebird house by the patio last June…I noticed the birds landed in a nearby tree before going into their “house”.

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