May Day

We delivered the May Baskets, Far Guy even went along! Some of the small children were taking naps..some were awake..most of them smiled. Kindergarten round up happens this week..four of them will be going off to school this hardly seems possible. I hear that there are four kindergarten classes..perhaps one for each child.

When our girls were little Kindergarten was more like organized play time..having fun while learning..learning to share and to play well with others. Now there are criteria that must be met, you must be ready to go to school. It is a good thing I was never tested..I would never have made the Kindergarten cut. The country school that I was supposed to go to had no kindergarten classes. Far Guy on the other hand excelled in Kindergarten, although I think he had to go visit his uncle once in awhile ..his Uncle was the Principal.

It rained most of the day, toward evening the skies partially cleared, enough so we could go for a walk.


It has turned cold here, Far Guy started up the outdoor wood stove again..lows are to be near freezing this week. It was warmer in March:)


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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Your May Baskets were a success. Nice pictures. Stay warm.

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