Little Things

This is a tiny, tiny flower. I found these at the edge of our woods. It is a Sedge more specifically Carex pensylvanica or Pennsylvania Sedge. This is a native plant in Minnesota. It grows well in Oaks, which was no surprise to me. There is a little ditty that goes Sedges have edges, Rushes are round, Grasses are hollow, What have you found? No one but a plant geek like me is probably interested..BUT did you know that Sedges do not have a ligule? Only Grasses have ligules, now a ligule is easy to find, and can be found in all is the little tongue like projection at the junction of the leaf and the leaf stalk. Next time you grab a piece of grass to stick in your mouth have a look see. Oh come never put grass in your mouth? To me it has a kind of a fresh greens taste..


This is a bunch of little Grape Hyacinth’s or Muscari. Tiny, tiny blooms that look like bunches of grapes. I remember when my eldest daughter planted these one fall all in a row, she was surprised by how small they were when they bloomed the next plant catalogues they are portrayed as being much larger than they actually are. They are so tiny that if you ever plant them, plant a whole area of them. I love their blue color:)

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2 Responses to Little Things

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    The Sedge looks smaller than the leaves that have fallen around it.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I love your flower pictures! that grape hyacinth is very aptly named….looks just like a bunch of blue grapes.

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