Wistful Wednesday: June 1951

This is my Mom, the photo was taken in her parents yard. She was 21 years old. This was taken in late June, she was six months pregnant with me..I arrived three months after this photo was taken. It must have been a difficult time for her, my Father was off fighting a war in Korea and would not be home for another nine months and she was living with her parents. She was supposed to be living with my fathers parents, where all the children were raised, and grandchildren were being enjoyed. Instead, she was with her parents, especially her Mother who at the age of forty was about to give birth to her eleventh and twelfth children, my younger than me twin Uncle and Aunt. The fall of 1951, with three babies in the house must have been a real experience..only one that a mother could love:)

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: June 1951

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Your mom looks so young in the photo and definitely not six months pregnant. She is very pretty. I cannot imagine living with three new babies in the same house. Yikes.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    Pretty Mom…you must have been a very little “peanut”. She is wearing the old fashioned style of “maternity dress” I think. I recall my mother wearing them in 1946 and they were kind of cool….had ties that expanded the dress as the pregnant mom expanded.
    Tough times when husbands were at war and wives lived with their families….it happened a lot in WW 2 and Korean War I think.
    You look like your Mom a lot!!!

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