Lights Out

Last night after we got home, after a very stressful evening, the lights went out. Just like that no hint of a flicker..just blackness. Far Guy was in the bathroom..I felt my way over to the kitchen window where the yellow really ugly flashlight is kept. I hate that flashlight, it was designed by a man. If a woman had designed it, it would be some other color than yellow. I love yellow flowers, yellow flashlights not so much. Thankfully the little boy Grands have outgrown their flashlight years..we used to keep one flashlight out of their it would be ready in an emergency.

It worked fine, even if it is yellow. I was able to use it to find a candle to light. We settled down to silence, no TVs, no computers humming, no ice cubes dropping in the automatic ice maker. We went to bed, Chance was in the middle..lounging..panting..then licking, then sighing. I know he gets the sighing part from his master. Far Guy couldn’t take it, he went to the couch. I just snuggled down into the new feather bed topper, hollering back and forth to Far Guy..sure is dark, sure is quiet..this hasn’t happened in a long time. We have been spoiled by electricity. I dozed off..only to be startled by bright lights and the sound of my computer booting back up. Then I heard Far Guy running I got up and had a bath..we live in the boonies you know, no electricity=no water.

I don’t know what caused the outage, we did see a suspicious car at one of the sub stations on our way home..we thought it looked like a cop car..maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. We were both too tired to investigate..we just wanted to get home take a bath and go to sleep.

When I get stressed out, I either clean or sleep..last night I cleaned our oldest daughters laundry room and did many loads of laundry, Far Guy cooked supper for the girls. I helped with homework. Our eldest daughter who is coincidentally a RN was in the ER, a Doctor recently changed her medications, and she had a severe drug interaction..she suffers from Pancreatitis which is a result of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction that she got after the removal of her Gallbladder. I am not sure if she fully understands how terrified her children were when she was whisked away by ambulance. Of course we, her parents were a tad terrified too. The grand girls handled the situation well..until they were alone..then they called Grandpa and Grandma..and they were very happy to see us an hour later. Shortly after that we got word that Trica would be OK and that after a few hours they would release her. So we waited, Jen our youngest daughter was dropped off at the Hospital, Andy and the boys joined us for the evening. Since they had further to drive than us..I am sure they are exhausted today. This morning I spoke with Madison, who was getting ready to go on a big field trip today, Paige is staying home from school and keeping a eye on her Mom, Savannah missed all the excitement because she is in the cities on a Class Trip. I am not sure what the answer to Trica’s pain management is, I do know that she was very lucky this time, but with the amount of medications she takes it was only a matter of time before this happened. She has had many surgeries to repair this little sphincter, the one that has caused all these problems..realistically perhaps it is time to talk about one of the final steps which is Pancreas removal with a transplant of some of her Isles of Langerhans.. in hopes that they will take over and give her some pancreas function back. I don’t know, I am just the Mom..I do know that it is hard to watch your child suffer and struggle with pain. There is absolutely nothing I can do, no magic band-aids, I can no longer kiss the owwies and make them go away. Young Mothers have those magical qualities..old Mothers just clean and do laundry:(

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5 Responses to Lights Out

  1. ESP says:

    Yes, we are tired today and therefore not coping very well. However, I am thankful today that it was not worse and that I get to wake up today and have a sister, even though she called me “metal mouth.” There are families today who aren’t so lucky, and I have been praying for them all morning.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    How fortunate that you are close enough to be of help in any way. Family. Nothing like it.

  3. abra la mente says:

    I am guessing the magic of older mommy is very much appreciated by Trica & her family. Glad she was able to come home and hope there are permanent fixes in the future. As for you, I hope you have a restful weekend!

  4. buffalogal says:

    I am “catching up” after a busy weekend. Hope and pray that Tricia will be well and strong again soon. Also so glad that she has such wonderful parents!

  5. Sarah says:

    What wonderful parents you both continue to be. Maybe Chance is ok living with you.

    Take care

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