Snow In May

Yesterday it snowed most of the afternoon. It melted almost as soon as it hit the ground. I believe our last snow event was back in February.

It is just as well, most of the snowbirds are back, that is what we call people who go elsewhere for the winter. They shouldn’t have to be spared completely. Pansy asses anyway.

It was a wild weather week, with bouts of sunshine, then the clouds would move in, it would rain buckets, then the sun would be out again. Sometimes the wind would blow really hard, one day we wondered if we should seek shelter, Chance was hiding on the floor of the car. If the weather had been warmer I am sure it would have been even rougher. We thought we might see some cold weather tornadoes one evening, they usually don’t touch down they just bounce around in the clouds.

I managed one rainbow photo..not a very good one, by the time I saw it and Far Guy found a safe place to pull over the clouds were moving in..use your imagination..can you see it? A Rainbow is on my photo bucket list..I will keep trying.

Far Guy saw his Neurologist this week, we are tweaking the medications again..Far Guy took away one too many he is supposed to be adding it back whether he is or not..that remains to be seen. He drives me nuts, he would like to take as little medication as possible to control his pain. There is a fine line between the excruciating pain and pain he can tolerate…there is a new drug being tested in Australia, which may be a total cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia, our Neurologist says that it will never be approved by the FDA, and if it is Insurance Companies won’t cover it. He also said that the insurance companies are way to big for their britches..they are into numbers and have forgotten the patients. Perhaps this new medication when it is out in a year will be available in Canada. You know what..we don’t live very far from the border either.

Thanks for all your kind comments concerning our oldest daughter Trica, she is still feeling very tired.

The Loons are now tending two eggs, in about 27 or 28 days the eggs should hatch:)

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5 Responses to Snow In May

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Snow! No way! It was cold enough yesterday here that I wore sweats and socks. Crazy weather! I’m thinking about you and Far Guy getting his meds regulated. Happy Mothers Day to you.

  2. NanaCat says:

    Connie, would you mind asking FarGuy to post the medication you mention in this post, over on his blog? (or here, for that matter). He and I share the same face monster and I thought I’d ask my face pain doc about it. Living in Canada, I was thinking perhaps it’s something available here.

    Thank you

  3. Far Guy says:

    Cath, the drug is called neublastin as Connie mentioned it is going through trials now. You can get more info here; OR e-mail me at

  4. buffgal says:

    Ooooooooooo……those blossoms in your new picture are so beautiful…really good photo!
    I think our apple blossoms may have been done in by frost here on Sat/Sun overnight. I covered a lot of things that night but could not cover 8 apple trees in bloom. I managed to cover my two Juneberry shrubs. Sad but we are subject to such cold nights even in May.

  5. NanaCat says:

    Thank you Far Guy.

    I see the pain doc at the end of this month, will ask him.


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