Chance: Company

Hey! It is I Chance, the wonder blogging Border Collie. Finally it is my turn again!! I finished the dreadful pills that were almost disguised by the yummy peanut butter. Far Side says "You should be good to go! " Far Guy bought himself another little black comb, he keeps it in his back pocket and runs it through my hair many times a day looking for ticks. I sit patiently..since these combing episodes are usually after we have played ball for a long time.

We had company, Miney and Little Elvis came to visit. Miney has her paws full with that pup. What he lacks in stature ( He isn’t ever going to be a BIG dog like me or Miney) he makes up for in attitude.

He follows Miney around like she is his Mother.. he is a pain in the tail. Honestly he really is. While playing ball, he grabs onto her tail, and she growls while the ball is in her mouth..sometimes he hangs onto her tail and skids on four paws. Sometimes he has long strands of hair coming out of his mouth. He tried it with me a few times, I carry my tail higher and keep it moving like a huge old it is harder for him to catch. Far Side said "It is only a matter of time."


We went for a boat ride, I was a little scared and shook like a leaf. It has been about three years since I have been on a boat. I discovered that I used to like it..and I guess I will like it again.


Miney loved the boat..she was allowed up on the seats and everything..Little Elvis hardly even noticed that we were on a boat.

Little Elvis has a little appointment at the Vet this week. Far Side said "Who is going to tend him after his "little" surgery?" It seems that Miney will get a rest this week..while he recuperates from the Neuter..that is just a polite way of saying, they are going to rip your balls off Little Elvis! I wonder if it will be as awful as when I had my surgery, I did not walk for three days..Far Side was like my handmaiden, bringing me food and water and carrying me outside where I would just lay pathetically in the grass. Far Guy laid next to me out in the grass and scratched my ears. I didn’t understand all the words then..women..every chance they get..better..soon…we can get even. I recovered and I am sure Little Elvis will too. Poor little dude:)

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3 Responses to Chance: Company

  1. buffalogal says:

    Nice to read your blog again Chance. My favorite Gary Larson cartoon is about “neutering” and it shows a dog in the back seat of a car hanging out the window talking to “Ginger” the neighbor dog. The car dog says “Ha-Ha Ginger! I get to go to the pet store and then I get to go to the Vet to get tutored!”
    That poor guy did not understand what was really going to happen to him. Little Elvis might be a bit sore but you know it is for his own good, isn’t it????

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    The boat ride sounds like fun, Chance. I bet if you get out in the boat more often you will learn how much fun it is and won’t shake so much.

  3. Sarah says:

    Chance… I think I may love you. Can you please tell me exactly what kind of human dog you are? I’ve resigned myself to the fact that you aren’t going to come live with me, but maybe I could find someone like you.

    Be supportive of your little buddy the next time you see him, and continue to be supportive of Miney putting up with him.

    I can’t wait to hear from you again soon.

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