Robin’s Nest

For many years, Far Guy has been sharing his ladder every spring. He is a real sweetheart, during the nesting season his very tall stepladder which he stores under the overhang of his garage becomes a nesting site for a Robin. This far south-east corner of his garage, is nearest the woods, it is a nice dry spot and probably warm too. Every year shortly after the Robins arrive the female robin begins to build the nest, she is not the neatest builder either. She uses long coarse grasses for the outside, then makes a real mess lining the nest with smeared mud followed by softer Chances hair!

The male robin must be just a supervisor. He leaves her alone to build her nest, and to lay the beautiful blue eggs that will hatch fourteen days after they are laid. He does help to protect the young, and the nest and brings food deliveries, he takes on more responsibility when the chicks have fledged about fourteen days after they hatch..because his mate is off building another nest for the next brood. Robins do not reuse their nests for the next brood, they can raise three broods from April til July.

Our Robin is sitting on her eggs now, Chance can get closer than I can..too bad he cannot take a photograph!

One thing we have noticed about birds, once they raise a batch of babies successfully in one spot..they return year after year. After the young have fledged, Far Guy can destroy the nest and hose down his garage. If the timing is right he could even use his ladder before she begins to build another nest on it:)


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3 Responses to Robin’s Nest

  1. pyro6999 says:

    we have a nest in the rafters of our fuel shed and another under the hood of our international dumptruck.

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    What a nice thing to do for the birds.

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    We have robins here but have never seen a nest.
    That is so nice they return each year to build a nest at the top of the ladder.

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