Aubrey is Two!

Saturday was Aubrey’s birthday party. Aubrey is two and she is one of my great nieces..she lives next door. She is not making any consonant sounds yet only vowels..but she can squeal pretty loudly at her brothers!

 She knows some sign language, her Mother has taught her some of the words..all done, more, thank you. Aubrey has had three surgeries, the first to repair her cleft lip, the second to repair her cleft palate and the last one to repair a hole that appeared after the second surgery.  One of those times tubes were placed in her ears so she wouldn’t get so many ear infections.

She has a speech pathologist that works with her during the school year. Minnesota has lots of programs in place to help children that need a little extra help. She will be going to see her speech pathologist once a week throughout the summer.

Aubrey understands everything you tell her, she follows directions really well. She is a very smart little girl, sometimes she is frustrated by her inability to communicate. Sometimes she looks at you like you are the dumbest person on the face of the earth..I think it might be "the look" and she has it perfected!

She is also entering the terrible twos..or the terrific twos..depending on the day and her mood.

My Dad (Aubreys Great Grandpa)  with the two youngest children in our family..Aubrey and Brooke (they are cousins) ..can you see where they get their beautiful blue eyes from?

 My Mom( Aubrey’s Great Grandma) and Aubrey.

Aubrey has come a long way in the two years since she was born. Surgery by surgery her smile is being restored, she will see her specialist again in six months..there is a surgery that can help with her speech..will she or won’t she need it..only time will tell. They may put a tiny camera up and down her nose to see if her palate is working correctly if there is no improvement in her speech in the next six months. For now, we as a family surround this little girl with lots of love:)

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7 Responses to Aubrey is Two!

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Where does Aubrey go for speech? Bemidji? I have a granddaughter Ceilia who was born deaf. She had a double co-clhear implant when she was two, Only one is working the other was rejected by her body. She is now in speech everyday somewhere in Bemidji. My son and daughter-in-law, feel where she is going now is very comparable to Northern Voices in Roseville. Where she had gone previously… until the money ran out!

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi Mary Ann, Aubrey will be going to Park Rapids for her speech therapy.
    I am sorry to hear that one of your grandaughter implants failed. That must have been very disappointing. Can they do another implant at a later date? It is hard to see little ones struggle with their speech.
    Have you had any fundraisers? The local Lions Club here had a dinner for Aubrey, funds were raised to help defray her medical costs. Sometimes community groups will help out if they know that there is a need:)

  3. Mary Ann says:

    No we haven’t had fundraisers as of yet. Insurance paid for co-clhears. She is due for a new battery to the tune of $180.00. Greg says its her birthday present. His wife is the sole support of the family. Because he took Ceilia to the cities every week last year, Greg had to quit his job. He raises organic chickens during the summer. If you are ever at the Bemidji farmers market (on Saturdays and I think Sundays) look him up. Tell him his mom said to give you a good deal. :)

  4. TechnoBabe says:

    You have family members so close! How great. Happy Birthday to your wonderful little Aubrey.

  5. pyro says:

    mary ann, you need to have a benefit dinner/ silent auction for that child, every little bit helps. we had one for aubrey last year and the public support we had for her was almost overwhelming.

  6. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful entry about a beautiful lucky girl living in a beautiful family.

    To Mary Ann and Farside….. there are free services for children under the age of 3 provided through your school district. They are called Early Childhood Special Ed services. Perhaps you know of them, but if not, please call your local Elementary school, and they can get the process started. I teach ECSE to children birth – 3, and you can email me at if you have any questions. Good luck to you both!

  7. Sarah says:

    couple more thoughts… the services under the age of 3 are typically provided in your home. There are also services for children from ages 3-6 that would be at your local elementary, if the child continues to qualify and show a need for service. Please don’t hesitate to ask me or your elementary any questions that you may have.

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