Planting Trees in the Spring of 10

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.
— Nelson Henderson

Who enjoys planting trees? Well old people because they want to leave something useful behind and little kids because there is something really cool about planting something that can grow to be taller than they are. They can carry a tree in one hand all by themselves, plop it into the ground, splash some water on it and before you know will grow into a tall stately tree.

 Yesterday, we got a call early in the morning,..the seedlings were ready to be picked up.

 This is the cold storage room..there are thousands of seedlings in this room..Future Forests.

Last winter I led my brothers into this planting project. I just wanted a few trees..maybe a hundred. I could order many would they each like? They decided we should plant a whole bunch of them. Since our land all adjoins, it is a cooperative effort. My baby brother who lives in Oregon footed the bill. My other baby brother has a tree planter thingy and Far Guy and I started planting yesterday. Hopefully in the next few days, everyone in the neighborhood will help with the planting!

Far Guy and I load up the three wheeler and the wagon and meander through the woods, planting as we go, giving each newly planted seedling a drink of water and moving on. We haul the water in covered buckets in the wagon..that way we don’t slop water all over. I get a little pitchy..that is not bitchy..did you know that Avon’s Skin So Soft removes pine pitch? Did you know if you pray really hard..just before going to plant..God moves all of the snakes out of your way least it worked yesterday..and I have faith it will work again today. Just incase I am going to continue wearing my red magic snake repelling boots.

These are White Pine seedlings or Pinus strobus. They can grow really tall and live to be very old trees. No we won’t see them grow to be huge stately trees, but someone else will…someday maybe someone will say..remember back in the spring of 10..:)

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3 Responses to Planting Trees in the Spring of 10

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That is a lot of trees!! It is wonderful that you and Far Guy work on these projects together. And Chance helps too!

  2. ineeda says:

    Now let’s hope for a nice rain to help the seedlings get established!

  3. Ann says:

    I use to plant tree for the state in the spring. Call it my couple of weeks at the spa. Hated having to pick tick off at the end of the day. There’s such joy in seeing those trees grow. I know how old some are by the age of our son.

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