Chance: Hidden in the woods

Hey it is I the handsome blogging Border Collie. I am supposed to tell you about what was hidden in the woods..not that I was ever allowed to see it or anything..Far Side said I ran right by and didn’t notice a thing.

It all began while planting those little trees. Far Side was driving the three wheeler with the wagon, and Far Guy was riding along hanging on for dear life and I was blazing a trail. We had a system going.. Far Guy stabbed that big thingy into the ground to make a hole for the tree and then he puts the tree in and steps on both sides of it to cover the roots..then Far Side waters the newly planted tree. Well let me tell you, it was warm and I laid down and was hidden in the woods. Far Side said that I was supposed to be the snake dog, she had one of those once, she was a Sheltie named Misty..she hated snakes and would kill them for Far Side. One scream out of Far Side and that dog would be there shaking a snake…she was fearless..not Far Side ..the snake killing dog. Anyways I am supposed to kill them, and if I am not up to the killing part I should just be good at the scaring them away part. Scaring them away is fine with old fraidy cat Far Side. She said I spent way too much time off exploring instead of protecting her..and then I was resting again, hiding in the woods. One time I even went back home by myself and took a nap in front of the step.

We got to one area that was really wet this spring, I didn’t notice a thing. My nose was going ninety miles an hour..nothing ..nadda. I am the leader, Far Guy follows me, then Far Side on the three wheeler, everything alive and slithery should be cleared out of the way by then. She gets off the three wheeler takes one step and screams..just a little blood curdling scream. Far Guy thought it was a ssssnake..she sssaid "it isss aaaa duucckk." Well she ain’t afraid of no ducks. So I kept going, Far Guy turned and said, I am leaving with the dog. She just stood there and took photographs..she was talking to something..she said it was a Mama Duck..she told it, "We are leaving, sorry to bother you Mrs. Duck, stay calm and stay on your nest." When Far Side says "STAY" most things including me usually stay.

After a few minutes Far Side started up the three wheeler and moved out of the duck nesting area. Now she feels like a real wildlife photographer..she mumbled "See, it is a good thing I am always prepared! " Since she wears that stupid camera around her neck night and day, how could she miss. Far Guy says the camera is part of her uniform..the other morning he was outside hollering for she came outside in her jammies..with her camera on..he was hollering "You better get dressed we have company." How was she supposed to know..of course the neighbors laughed and accused her of sleeping with her camera on. I think she does take it off at night! I am supposed to tell you that she saw the Mama Ducks eyes blink when she accidentally screamed bloody murder and the duck turned her head is a Mallard Duck, they are ground nesters and sit on their nests for 28 days.:)


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2 Responses to Chance: Hidden in the woods

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Yay, Hi Chance. Tell Far Side the picture of the mama Mallard duck is great. So you will be seeing some baby ducks in about a month. More friends for you to chase around with.

  2. pyro says:

    she has been sitting on west straight lake every morning all week long i figured she must have a nest near by.

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