Airshow 2010

Yesterday we travelled up north. We went to the Air Show that was being held up at Grand Forks Air Force Base just outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota. We picked up the grand- girls in the morning. They were excited about the Air Show and Noah’s Birthday..he was eleven yesterday.

Noah doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but I think he had a pretty good day. I did remind him that eleven years ago when his Grandpa and I walked into the hospital an hour after his birth, we could hear a baby screaming at the top of his got louder and louder as we walked down the hall..finally there he was ..his Dad was giving him his first bath..what a beautiful sight..our first Grandson! Eleven years later he is almost as tall as his mother..I predict that sometime during this eleventh year he will surpass her!

As an Air Force/NDANG family we have had the occasion to attend many airshows. Each one is unique. The first one we were at was back in 1973 was at Buckley Field in Colorado. Trica was just one year old, we sat on the hood of the pickup in a field. In later years, I hauled two little girls by the hand one hot summer day, when the tarmac was so hot you couldn’t sit down, and your feet got hot in your tennis shoes. I made them go when they were preteens..they were so bored. Finally Far Guy and I went by ourselves, one year I mowed our entire lawn in Harwood, North Dakota while watching the Airshow..this year all our Grands went and they had a really good time! So we have come full circle on this one..we have seen the Air Force’s Thunderbirds and the Navy’s Blue Angels. We have attended with our children and now with all our Grandchildren.

Grand Forks AFB did an absolutely wonderful job welcoming the thousands of visitors to the base. Everyone we encountered was friendly, going above and beyond the call of duty to make everyone feel welcome. It was lots of walking, and I am a little tired today..a good tired after a good day.

Chance stayed with Miney and Little Elvis while we were at the Airshow…he is tired today too..I wonder how long he serenaded the neighborhood. He can howl quite mournfully, and he gets Miney howling too..I am not sure about Little Elvis. When we returned Chance was really angry with Far Guy and gave him the cold shoulder..but he was really happy to see me. Talk about a spoiled dog:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    I was born in Grand Forks. My mother grew up near there. Glad you had a good time at the air show. And happy eleventh birthday to your grandson.

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