Thursday Thoughts

Last evening we went over to Barb’s. The Chief had called on Saturday and gave a message to someone, that "The tree is blooming" needless to say we were four days late..and the heat on Saturday (near 90 degrees) and the wind pretty much took care of the blooms. I got one photo of the blooms. Last year I got some good I wasn’t too disappointed..but I felt that I could improve on the ones I had taken a year ago of the picture tree.

Barb had other blooming beauties in her yard. I should have taken photos of her weedless vegetable garden, it was beautiful. The rows just perfect..their garden spot is farther west than ours used to be. I took photos of her Iris instead.

The Lupines are blooming too..this is one color that I do not have in my garden.

Far Guy is doing OK after his tooth extraction. He does not talk very much. The vibrations from talking causes him pain..your guess is as good as ours as how long this will last. This painful talking has happened before, it usually goes away after a couple of weeks. The jury is still out on the tooth..and the pain from the tooth..if it remains that means that his Trigeminal Neuralgia is bilateral..and is now occurring on both sides of his face..which means double the if one side wasn’t enough. I hate to continually bitch about what a horrendous disease TN is, I wonder what it will take for someone besides me to try to bring it to the light of day. Perhaps it will take someone really famous to be afflicted before this orphan disease gets anymore attention. Far Guy is a real trooper, he keeps plugging away. I am at a loss of what to do..except double the prayers, although some days I am sure that I have used all my prayers up..or God is tired of hearing from me..because no answers seem to be forthcoming.

Far Guy just reported that he has a wildflower for me to look at and that Robins do reuse their our Mama Robin is back on her nest on the ladder:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Good to know robins re use their nests. We have some here, will check them out. Hope Far Guy feels better sooner than two weeks. Ouch.

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