Long Lake Loon

One day we went by the Long Lake Public Landing, we learned years ago that a public landing is a good place to walk Chance. Of course he loves the water..and we always get to inhale the scent of wet dog until he dries out.

As we approached the landing, Far Guy said "Look at the loon!! " I took a few photos out the window of the car, then I got out of the car and watched. It was one single loon fishing.


He or she was unafraid, and dove and surfaced many times before finally swimming off too far away to photograph.

It was only after the loon was out of the area that we let Chance out for his walk..or partial swim.

I have been watching Larry Backlund’s Loon Cam (the link is on the right). I have watched for three years now, this pair of loons seems different from the previous years. This set seems young and immature..not old and wise like the others. Yesterday one of the eggs was rolled off the nest into the water..here is the You Tube Video. The eggs should be hatching any time now..many people are watching and waiting.

 Long Lake Loon

Straight Lake has at least two sets of loons this year.. possibly three..they are still nesting too. I hope we get to see the babies ..from a distance:)

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2 Responses to Long Lake Loon

  1. buffalogal says:

    Loon sightings and pictures….super! This is not the Long Lake west of DL is it? There may be many Long Lakes in MN for all I know.
    Love the pics of Chance the Hunky dog-man in his swimming outfit (his hair)

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    This particular Long Lake is East Of Park Rapids..there are probably many long lakes in MN:)

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