Twelve years ago, our youngest daughter got married.

I wasn’t sold, she claimed that this was the love of her life..I had heard that before..plus that I did not like her intended. I told him that too..I told him that time would tell and if he ever hurt my daughter he was going to be in deep do do. Well twelve years later, I can truly say..that I love the guy, the proof was last weekend when he had ripped out the stitches in his big owwie..and I had to hand over the tweezers and close my eyes while he pulled the remnants of the broken stitches out. Yew..I felt light headed..I am not usually bothered with gory stuff..unless I love you..then I will need a chair.

Unity Candle..two separate flames that become one..together the light is larger and stronger. Happy Twelfth Anniversary!


This morning the phone rang early, it was a long time friend in Indiana. I knew right away that it was bad news. Bill has been fighting cancer valiantly for a number of years. They are non-computer friends, we communicate through phone calls and through snail mail. I knew he had hospice care at home..and it was only a matter of time. They have a really old dog named Maggie, that they rescued and made a home for after their next door neighbor died. Bill joked with Joan, that he wasn’t sure which one of them was going to kick the bucket first. Maggie is sitting on the couch alone this morning, she will be a source of comfort for Joan for a little while. Unity..two people loving each other and their dogs (they had many over the years), through thick and thin, always being there for each other. One by one we must leave this world until the ultimate unity when we are all reunited in heaven:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Really lovely pictures of your daughter and son-in-law. I was surprised when you said you told your then new son-in-law that you didn’t like him for your daughter. Not many people are that honest. I think the world would be a better place if people could be as open and honest with each other, not the fake stuff so many people pass off as just getting along with people. Happy Anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law who has apparently earned the respect of his mother-in-law! Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. It is a lovely way you say we will all be reunited some day.

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