Curiosity: Mount Calvary Cemetery

I felt the weight on my back as the scrawny legs scrambled to the top of my shoulders, I straightened up, they had a perfect view, I could only see the siding, was it white or dirty beige, my old brain cannot decide, there were windows..but neither of us were tall enough to see inside by ourselves. I remember that the weeds were almost taller than we were when we waded our way through them to the abandoned building. We were not supposed to be here, it seemed dangerous, exciting and adventurous all at the same time. Were were not going to throw rocks or anything, we just wanted to look inside. What was in there? There were lots of windows on the south side. If I had only been tall enough to see inside myself, I should have been brave and climbed on Danny’s shoulders when he offered, but I was afraid of heights.

 That is all I remember, Danny, was fearless, me not so much, plus that he hardly ever got in trouble..and me well lets just say that trouble followed me everywhere. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child was not happening at my house. His parents seemed older and more forgiving, plus that his older sister had paved the way..and he was a boy, I always thought that boys could get by with more shenanigans than girls could anyway.


I am not sure if it was an old church, an old house or perhaps a parsonage, only the lilac bushes remain. It is the Mount Calvary Cemetery now. What was the building that I recall on this property? When did it disappear from the landscape of my childhood? My littlest baby brother, Jody recalls far he is it..even the gal that was born and raised almost across the road doesn’t remember a building being there. Is it a figment of my imagination? Nope, the lilacs never lie:)

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