Minnesota Happenings!

The Loon nest that I have been watching since April will not be producing any chicks this year. Today is day 40 or 38, depending on which egg is left on the nest, egg one or egg two. Normal hatch time is 28 days. One of the eggs was rolled off into the water twice, one time Larry retrieved it and placed it back in the nest..the next time he did not replace the egg. The remaining egg is ten to twelve days past the hatch date. From what I have viewed with this set of loons they have been haphazard parents at best, in my opinion this is a first year set of parents, they have been nothing like the nesting loons from previous years. I am convinced that if this nest was on shore a predator would have gotten the eggs by now. Anyway, the nesting platform in the case of an old egg is not a good thing. The Loon doesn’t know when to give up, and will not abandon it, there is a powerful bond between the Loon and it’s eggs. The likelihood of predators taking the old egg are slim. Larry is going to remove the egg tonight about 11PM Central Time, so that it can be taken into the DNR, and so that the Loons can go on with their lives. The State Bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon.

Yesterday we checked on the Showy Lady’s Slippers or Cypripedium reginae, the State Flower of Minnesota. They are blooming very nicely, a week earlier than normal. Today we hope to get to the big hillside at Snellman, Minnesota and another secret location to check out the blooms.

 I made some posters for Far Guy. I guess he was in charge of the advertising for the Fire Halls annual fundraiser. Every year on Father’s Day they have a huge picnic, including homemade pies and roast pork. Since I am no good at pies, I made them posters:) 

*** Update on yesterdays mystery plant, it is a Blackberry, so we will see if it bears fruit this year since it had so many flowers, some bird must have carried these seeds from Up North and "deposited" them here:)

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4 Responses to Minnesota Happenings!

  1. Ann says:

    I stopped to take picture Sat. at the Snellman Hill. Next thing I know there was a highway patrol with his cars lights flashing that stop to watch me. When I came out of the ditch he asked if I need a shovel? I told him no, I was just taking pictures. Sure wish our highway patrol would’ve caught the ones who have use a shovel in other years. Love the deep pink they have this year. Far Side is there a reason some of the wild roses are deeper in color?

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Ann, Well I am glad you didn’t get a ticket! I was by Snellman today..did not stop..way too much traffic. We stopped a little farther up the road where there was another road, that was safer.
    The Wild Roses are beautiful, and they smell so good, I am sorry I have no idea why some are darker than others..if I had to guess I would just say it is a natural seeding variation:)

  3. Jan says:

    I am so jealous of your Lady Slippers! I would love to see them in bloom and so many in one place. Have they always been plentiful there or more so in recent years? I remember searching for them when young. We would go “up north” every year. Believe we only found 1 or 2 all those times.

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi Jan, They redid the highway back in 1969 and since then we seem to have more than ever along Hwy 34. Lady’s Slippers take forever to come from seed, I believe an exhibit up at Itasca Park said twenty years. I think it depends on the year, last year being cold and wet was a wonderful extended bloom time. It seems to me that we have more now, but then we are actively searching for them also:)

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