Weathering the Storms and Wild Iris

Yesterday there were 35 tornadoes in Minnesota. The town of Wadena was hard hit yesterday, it is located about 45 miles south of us. We were in the grocery store when the Noah weather radio started going off. We headed home and just as we pulled into the yard it began to rain, we let Chance out..he made short work of his business. The thunder rolling across the area was continual. Far Guy said "Sounds like a freight train." We were joined a few minutes later by the neighbors, we enjoyed some snacks with the busy twins and Aubrey. Aubrey is talking more and more..she can now say Yucky ( That is what Chance’s ball is after he drools on it). I think her speech is improving, although much of what she says is in her own language. The twins did lots of tornado talk..but the bad weather was the reason they were not allowed upstairs to play with the trains.

Daughter Jen sent us a photo of a snaky, tall and lean twister up in her area. I immediately wanted to know where she was when she took the photo..she was safely south of the tornado. Even though it was a cool photo, I wondered why she was not in her basement. Where were her children? Where were her nieces? Well, with her of course and they all got to see the twister.

Jen has her hands full, she is taking care of Maddie and Paige this addition to moving into their "new" old house two blocks from where they live now. We were supposed to be extra hands and support this past week, but Far Guy is ill, he has been to the Doctor, no exact diagnosis has been made, he has a temperature and aches all over and his normal (that is a terrible way to describe it) ..yes his normal pain level has been ramped up several notches barely tolerable. The Doctor "thinks" it might be one of the tick borne diseases that has exacerbated his Trigeminal Neuralgia pain. Think twisting a knife in an already present wound. Call back if he doesn’t feel better the meantime he is to take doxycycline..just like Chance did awhile back for his anaplasmosis. Chance took it for 28 days, Far Guy for just a week..what is up with that? Darn deer..darn ticks..darn TN. June has not been a good month for Far Guy. This last more violent episode is a week old today, that is when he woke up with throbbing pain that has never left from the right side of his face. Maybe one of these days he will wake up with no pain..yeah right.. we would just settle for having the old pain back, this new pain is the pits. As Far Guy’s Neurologist says..when you have TN anything is possible, as it seems to have a mind of it’s own. We are "laying low" staying quiet, not venturing too far from home..Chance and I have had a few wildflower adventures. I feel sorry for Jen, I am sorry that we were not there to help her out, but you do what ya gotta do..and she understands that.

The Wild Iris are blooming. Iris versicolor or Blue Flag Iris is one of my favorite native plants, it is a good year for them. They are on the riverbank a mile away.  

They are in some of the swamps. They always look so darn cheerful:)

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3 Responses to Weathering the Storms and Wild Iris

  1. buffalo gal says:

    I am so sorry that Farguy is feeling so unwell with the flareup of TN and other issues. We are so vulnerable in our young and old bodies it is hard to comprehend. I wish him (pray for mercy and pain relief) well! Those tornado clouds were visible to our NW yesterday….we had a lot of wind and rain and then I spotted the long wall cloud to our NW moving away from us so I stood and watched it a long time. I am so sorry for the Wadenans who lost so much yesterday including lives of loved ones.
    The wild iris are gorgeous…like small orchids. Iris is one of the flowers my Mom loved to grow and this fall I am definitely planting some roots of the big iris on one edge of my tulip bed.
    We are heading to Bismarck for the wedding shower for our Baby Girl today! IS THIS the little girl I carried???

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Such a shame that Far Guy is in constant pain. We send our best wishes to him in hopes it will wind down and at least go back to the pain level he was finding tolerable.

  3. Belletaine Babe says:

    Do hope Far Guy is better soon. elvis needs to hang it up. Love the flowers.

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