Observations in June

Just a few observations today. The Yellow Lady’s Slippers that are along our back drive are in full bloom, they were 28 days behind the Yellow Lady’s Slippers that are in our wildflower gardens. This year there were four blooms, that is the same as last year. The clumps seem to be staying the same size.

We saw a skunk on our outing last night..it has a den near an Oak along the fence line a mile and a fourth down the road. It waddled very fast into the tall prairie grasses, sadly I missed the shot of the skunk. Far Guy said I should get out and follow it. He would have waited in the car, as back up support. My brother and his wife and their grands often bike that way. I remember one time when one ran right along side Maddie when she was riding her bike, she was so scared..but she kept on pedaling her bike. She ran into the house, and hollered "Grandma, I saw a skunk." and then she burst into tears.

We also saw the remnants of a deer leg in the road…HA! one Lady Slipper eater bit the dust..was it a coyote? A wolf?

I usually spend some time visually drinking in the neighbors horses.. enough so I can imagine their smell. Most of the time Chance is quiet, last night he barked when the horses came to visit. There are an even dozen there now, Joe must have sold two. There are only two more days until the summer solstice. The days have not seemed very long because we have been cloudy and rainy.



Now here is one thing to ponder. Who is their right mind would mount a deer stand on top of an old manure spreader? It isn’t something you see every day of the week. I hope it wasn’t one of my relatives or a neighbor that reads this blog…if so what we you thinking?

On the bears, I have seen only two in my entire life in Minnesota, one at an Auction Sale in the early spring..he awoke to the smell of hamburgers frying, and was relocated by the DNR. The other one Far Guy and I saw running across our driveway at the resort. A few weeks ago I missed seeing one because I was looking for Trillium. Well, I can add one more to the list, one day I was coming back from Menahga on the back roads and saw one lumbering across the road..they truly are magnificent creatures. I missed that photo op too, by the time I got close enough to take a photo he or she was in the woods. :)

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One Response to Observations in June

  1. buffalogal, says:

    I love your comment about the deer stand on top of a manure spreader. Reminds me of some of the “Redneck” pictures that circulate on e mail!
    Got Rednecks up dere den????? That was a precious funny picture for sure. I thought about my Mothers Day Manure Spreader (gift) when I was an early and over-enthusiastic organic gardener!
    (I planted about 8 hills of Zucchini and you can guess the results of that!!)

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