Happy Father’s Day!

This is the card that I made for my Dad for Fathers Day, the photo was taken on June 06, 1953. Dad was off to be the best man at his brothers wedding. He took time for me and a photo by the picture tree.

 "A man’s children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season". — Unknown

My Father was gone every year from early spring to late fall, he was home only on weekends. The construction jobs he worked on were usually hours away. I was a very difficult child, strong willed and opinionated, always challenging, always asking why and why not, always trying to find a way around the rules..there was much weeding for him to do on the weekends:)


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2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. buffalogal says:

    What? You an opiniated,strong willed child? I can’t believe it! Hee Hee. We are two peas in a pod Farside! I am still strong willed and highly opinionated as those who read my blog can tell!
    Lovely photo of you and your beloved Daddy! I wish I still had my Daddy with me here on earth but I look forward to being reunited with him in Heaven.
    Tell FarGuy to have a wonderful day! I hope he is getting some relief from his recent bout with pain and other stuff. I wish I could do something to take it away for him but none of us can…sadly. I bet Chance knows his Master is not feeling up to par and is doing things to help out in his doggy way.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    I like your Fathers Day card for your dad. Nice picture of you with your dad. Interesting that his work took him away from home for so long each time.You turned out pretty darn good even with the opinions, and strong will is what got you through don’t you think?

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