An Elvis Sighting

Yesterday was the Father’s Day Picnic at the local Fire Hall, it is a fundraiser. This was the 33rd year, it is a roast pork dinner with all the fixings, buns, potato salad, hotdishes ( a mixture of meat, a starch and usually a vegetable in a sauce or a can of soup). I never eat potluck hotdishes as I am allergic to so many foods. In other parts of the country this is probably called a casserole..but in Minnesota it is a hotdish! There was none of Vi’s homemade sauerkraut, she is probably saving it for her grand-kids. Dessert was pie, I had pumpkin..I noticed that there was less homemade pie and more store bought pie..the young gals don’t have the time or the know how to made pies from scratch. The old gals that knew how to made a good pie crust have all died, or are so old that they have forgotten how to make them.

 People come from far and wide for this picnic. Elvis lives in town (Ponsford), he showed up to play for the people..and to open his guitar can’t blame him for trying. I heard he had been in some kind of trouble the night before, probably too much shaking going on.

Elvis performing.

Far Guys cousins got a big charge out of it and wanted their photo taken with Elvis. He can play the guitar..singing..well not so much.. he would get the big buzzers on America’s Got Talent.

Far Guy always manages to yank my chain. Years ago and before I went out with Far Guy, I had an admirer who I will call Bernard. He wanted to be my boy friend so badly..I had to break his heart by refusing to go out with him. I am sure as a small child his coke bottle glasses were continually smeared with snot. I could rarely look at him without having that exact thought. Yeeew. Far Guy figured that he should point me out to Bernard..just incase I changed so much in 45 years that I was unrecognizable. I on the other hand, liked my anonymity. I did hear that there was a Mrs. Bernard and a little I believe that he successfully got over my refusal to date him:)

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  1. buffalo gal says:

    AWWWWW…I thought we were going to see “Little Elvis” your grand-dogger!

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