Wistful Wednesday: Late 1950’s

This is a photo of Far Guys family. His Mom and his sister on the left and his Grandparents A ( Curt and Meady) on the right. That would be Far Guy with the attitude. I can almost smell the fried chicken, and the gravy in the soup bowl in front of Far Guys Mom. This table with the pull out sections was in the basement for years..I wish we had it, with its chrome legs and all. Far Guys Mom made the best fried chicken, she would dredge it through a flour mixture and brown it up on all sides and then put it in the oven. Whatever was left in the frying pan was used to make the gravy..oh it tasted so good! I am not particularly fond of chicken, and I rarely make it with its skin on, but I suppose I could..just so I could make some chicken gravy!

This past weekend, we talked and wondered with cousins..when did Grandma A (Meady) get out of the sanitarium, she had Tuberculosis and was institutionalized, she lost her hearing during the treatments of her TB. We asked Uncle Willard and he could not remember when she went in or when she got out. I will ask him another day, and he may remember. He is 93 years old, and like he says his memory doesn’t work like it used to. She is obviously out of the sanitarium when this photo was taken..I wish that calendar was not cut off in the photo. It must be 1958, or 1959. Maybe Far Guy’s sister remembers?

So what kind of punishment do you think Far Guy got? He was pretty spoiled, especially by his Mother. I am guessing he had to sit in the corner or write on a piece of paper 100 times. "I will not stick out my tongue at the dinner table." :)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Late 1950’s

  1. HOMD says:

    That was pretty sassy on FarGuy’s part — and he’s looking right at his mom! I remember seeing a table like that one, too. And check out the drapes in the left of the picture! Oooh, those were luuuuvvvly. I remember seeing some like them!

  2. East Side says:

    Having boys myself it is code for “I love you.”

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Seeing the serving dishes with food in them reminds me of the much smaller portions way back then. No wonder I have put on weight. Love the fun on Far Guy’s face. What a scamp he was.

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