More Polite

My other baby brother gave me some advice the other day, he said "Sis, you should be more polite." I have been thinking about that for awhile now. I have decided he has a point. I could be more polite.

So from now on, when the phone rings I will not holler. "Who the F is that?" Especially when we have company. It is OK when it is just Far Guy and I, but when other people are around they may have just called a short time ago, and Lord knows we don’t want anyone feeling bad for a teeny tiny phone call.

When a waitress asks me "How is your food? I will lie and say I think that their newest chef must be spawn of Bobby Flay. Apparently when someone in a restaurant asks you "Is everything alright." You are just supposed to smile sweetly and say "yes." You are not supposed to say "That roast beef was frozen and then warmed and tasted like crap. " or " The music in this place really sucks." or "Years ago, this place would have been packed to the gills, and now look, hardly anyone is here, you all must have missed the boat."

If your silverware has a spot of food on it that was missed in the dishwasher and is baked onto the finish and has become one with your utensil just ignore it, after all it is sanitized, and is not going to kill you. If there is a bug in your salad, you should just quietly pick it out and put it on the floor, it is called catch and release. If you are in a real fancy restaurant with linen tablecloths, and a huge bug runs across the table just think of it as part of the before dinner show. If your coffee cup has foreign material in it..just close your eyes while you sip…it will hardly be noticeable.

I think I will ponder this being more polite idea a bit more before I actually put it into use, after all I am getting older, and a big change like this just can’t happen overnight:)

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3 Responses to More Polite

  1. CEY says:

    It is a question of how you tell it like it is: I can say Wholly fecal matter there is a bug in my salad. Or ask the waiter if they typically provide extra protein in their salads, and inquire as to the additional cost of said protein. The reaction will be starkly different.

  2. dumbo says:

    As I recall, When I asked a waiter what a fly was doing in my soup, He calmly looked at the soup and replied, “I believe it is the backstroke sir”


  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Hubby and I have spoken up at a few restaurants about music too loud or a TV (which is an irritant for us in particular since we don’t watch it at all) and we have also given good feed back when it is warranted too. We stopped going to a family style restaurant because of TV too loud. Nothing to get upset about, we just don’t go back. Our style is non confrontational but firm.

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