Someone Nameless

Someone who shall remain nameless, did something really stupid. She might have been playing in the water with someone who shall also remain nameless. She might have been having the best time splashing water into the air because someone nameless loves to jump and snap at water droplets. She might have been enjoying the water as much as the nameless creature. She might have been a bit reckless and allowed a game closer in than normal. Some how she might have gotten her finger in the way of one of his really large canines. This might have been a game that they play in the water sometimes over at Shell Lake on hot summer evenings watching for beautiful sunsets and wildlife on the lake.

 She might have cried just a little, she might have ended up in the ER. She might have been forbidden to use her finger for a few days, too bad she is not a lefty. She might have gotten a Tetanus shot, she might have to wait and see if a course of IV antibiotics is needed. She might be so allergic to meds that she is a tough patient to treat, at least that is what the ER Doc might have said. The ER Nurse might have said "I can spot troublemakers a mile away." She might have wondered was it written on her chart, heavens it has been almost a year since she might have darkened the door in the ER. She might not have darkened their door this time either, but she who might see robins first, and someone who might be her other baby brother and someone who might look exactly like Far Guy all thought it was a good idea to be checked out, cleaned up and maybe stitched up. She might have avoided the stitch part..and might just have a whole slug of steri-strips..she might have a very sore finger. She might be a little cranky for a few days…she might have been a terrible typist before..she might really suck at it now. This whole incident might have been entirely her fault, she might even deny that it ever happened, to protect the innocent:(

She might have wrapped it all up in gauze after she got home, just to remind herself not to use it.

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7 Responses to Someone Nameless

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    Oh no. Having so much fun and then have it end in the ER. Shame. If you see the nameless one tell her I said hey and hope she heals quickly.

  2. buffalogal says:

    “UH-OH Lena!” (I need to explain that phrase sometime but not now.
    I am so sorry for the Nameless Person who was playing with the Nameless Creature. I hope the Nameless ONe heals up quickly but why do her hands like so much like FarSide’s?????

  3. Sarah says:

    Sorry to hear that you and Chance were playing in the water and he accidentally bit you.

    Maybe it would be better if he came and stayed with me while you healed.

  4. ESP says:

    Be glad he bit you and not some little child!

  5. Stacey says:

    IV antibiotics?? Would you like your personal nurse to come over and start your IV for you?? She comes with experience in sticking veins with HUGE needles. :) Call me if you’d like her services!! :)

  6. pyro says:

    you owe me $6 for not calling the fire dept.

  7. ineeda says:

    When our lab was a puppy he accidentally bit me on the ball fo the foot — left a big puncture hole which I packed with antibiotic ointment. (It really hurt.) He was laying on the floor goofing around and I accidentally pinched his foot under the lid of the cedar chest when I leaned on it. So his reaction to the pain was to bite my foot. He felt bad and so did I!! I’m sure nameless dog didn’t mean to hurt you! But there is power in those jaws!

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