Wildflowers June 27, 2010

These are some of the wildflowers in bloom this week.

I was greatly encouraged to see the first of the milkweeds in bloom. The Oval-Leaf Milkweed or Dwarf Milkweed or Asclepias ovafolia is a native plant. Milkweeds are the only host for the Monarch Butterfly Larvae. I have only seen a few Monarchs flitting around. This Milkweed bloom is white. Milkweeds have a milky sap inside their stems.

The Birds Foot Trefoil, is in bloom all over, it usually grows in patches..and unless you look closely it can look like a patch of other yellow plants..the dandy ones. This is a non native plant which is also known as Lotus corniculatus.

American Dragonhead or Dracocephalum parviflorum is in the Mint Family, it has a square stem. The flowers on this native plant are on a very thick spike.

Last but certainly not least is Heart-Leaf Four O’clock or Mirabilis nyctaginea. Its flowers open in the late afternoon and close before noon the next day. It is a native plant that has opposite heart shaped leaves and tubular flowers. There are many of these along the roadways.

Some of the sides of the roads are being mowed now..I hate it when they do that..but I suppose it is necessary. So that people can see the freaking deer that cross the road in front of their vehicles.

Last evening the deer were out and about, with all the rain the mosquitoes are out and it being a full moon and all..the wild animals become more active. I am sure you have heard the joke that the Minnesota Mosquitoes are nearly as big as birds..they chase the deer out of the woods in the evenings..into the fields where the evening breeze can chase the bugs away.

Far Guy and I argued about this one..antlers or not? Far Guy said "Not"

Ha! I have proof that I was correct..there is a ravine in this field and this deer was walking in it..he would surface every so often..then he would totally disappear..it was pretty cool..for a deer:)

Someones finger is still very sore, but she did sleep last night. She can still take photographs:)

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One Response to Wildflowers June 27, 2010

  1. buffalo gal says:

    I love the name “birdsfoot trefoil” Who thinks these up. I think that is what the HWY dept plants on banks of new roads etc. There is a lot of yellow blooms on the fairly new Highwat 32 overpass near us.
    Hey..what is orange and sleeps 3 ?

    A MN HWY dept. pickup!!!! HAH!

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