Snow Drifts In June

A neighbor has a whole field of daisies. Personally I like them, they are so perky and cheerful. Far Guy and I both remarked at the same time "Looks like drifts of snow." I am not sure what their other neighbors say, but it made me smile.


I have a full desk, I usually line up the projects I am working to complete on my desk. Things I need to put away, things I need to decide what to do with. Decisions I need to make.

One of the "things" that I am working on is my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary party in October. My brothers are not real vocal about this gathering..they just want to know when to show up. My sister..she is on my list too..I need to call her for input. I am sure it will all come together one way or another. As long as the basic groundwork is laid properly it should go off without a hitch. I am looking for a good punch recipe..I think my cousin Leann might have one. The menu must be decided soon..a light lunch will be served…how light..and how much like an actual lunch remains to be decided. Today I am designing a business type card that my Mother can keep in her purse, it has all the info for their anniversary..she can give these to friends and family over the summer, in lieu of sending out invitations.

I seems like I have a hundred projects I am working on. Requests from people, could you make a slide show for the family picnic? Yes..check! Could you email me photos? I am still working on getting family photos scanned..and since I am working on four branches of our family at the same time..I just seem to be treading water. I should work on a slide show presentation for my parents anniversary too. I am now officially one year behind on the hard copies of this blog. Somedays I have to sort things thinking if I croak today..what will really matter.

I drift in and out all day long, picking some project up..sometimes sighing and putting it back down again. Sometimes actually completing a project..a day where my out pile is bigger than my in that is a day to be celebrated. Sometimes it is best for me to keep my focus on just one project at a time, instead of spreading myself so thin that I accomplish nothing:)

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4 Responses to Snow Drifts In June

  1. buffalogal says:

    I have a good punch recipe that is not too sweet; I call it graduation punch; it has lemonade, limeade and pineapple juice plus club soda for the fizz. I used it at graduations and everyone liked it because it was less sweet. I can look up the recipe and e mail it in case you want to consider it as a possibility in October. 60 years is quite something!!!! They have lived a long and happy life together I am sure. I know they raised a really great daughter named C—–

  2. Jan says:

    Been gone for a few days so am catching up on your news. Hope your finger feels better! I can feel the pain as I have experienced that too. Mine will remain nameless because I don’t “remember” which one of those canines it was! I continue to enjoy your flowers! The morning glories and daisys especially. Garage sales and antique stores…I would have snatched up that teapot/cup too. And glass pitchers. Have eased off on those too…where to put them?! And baby spoons.

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    A field full of daisies! Quite a sight. I like your desk, lots of room for working on projects. Your parents 60th anniversary party sounds like a big project. Are you making a booklet of memories for them?

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for your comments! booklet at least none is in the plan yet. I got the cards designed, and a few to my Mom..they had flowers in the background..imagine that:)

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