Strange Sightings

Recently Far Guy and I were driving along a back road, and saw a movement. It was a strange looking bird. It had a really long beak. Neither of us had ever seen one like it before.

We couldn’t figure out if it was an adult or a baby. We believe it is an adult after consulting Petersons Field Guide. I took all the photos out of Far Guys open window..I was afraid I would spook the bird and he would run off if I got out of the car.

 It is an American Woodcock, he is a wader. We are on his most western range here in Minnesota, he is usually found east of here. In the background of these photos is a good crop of PI ( Poison Ivy).

She who sees robins first has a Indigo Bunting at her feeders on a regular basis. Al and Erna have a set of nesting Cardinals. We just have Chickadees and Robins..the robins nest had another successful hatch. This time Far Guy wanted to clean up under her nesting platform (a ladder) ..he reports that he took the ladder down and sat it on it’s side..and that robins must be good nest builders because the nest clung to the top of the after the clean up he put the ladder with the intact nest back in place ready for the third batch of eggs. We must be a robin nesting area. The Bluebirds have successfully raised two batches of babies..since they took up residence behind the sauna in a Bluebird nest box. I do not see them as much as last year.

My other baby brother and Hunter report that a wolf was sighted less than a mile from here. Chance refused to go outside by himself one day..he was clingy and wanted company outside all day all that makes sense, he obviously could smell the wolf. We have baby turkeys in the woods, I suppose they are easy pickings for a wolf. Chance barks at them occasionally. We also have a set of twin fawns..supposedly they play in the driveway in the early mornings…I suppose they would make a fine wolf dinner too:)


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2 Responses to Strange Sightings

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    That is a great find, and you got some excellent photos with your camera out the window.

  2. buffalo gal says:

    those are amazing pictures of that woodcock….I have only seen them in pictures but their long beaks are the most interesting thing about them. A wolf? Eek….I would stay inside if I were Chance but I suppose he does NOT have a litter box. I once saw a timber wolf when I was driving to school in the early winter morning….I nearly drove into the ditch. I also saw what I thought was a big dark horse running in a pasture right next to a small country road and it was a moose!!! I saw lots of interesting sites when I drove back and forth to Audubon all those years..espec. when I took the back roads!
    Have a wonderful INdependence Day holiday!!!! We will watch fireworks at night but other than that it will be a quiet day…all our kids are gone and we will be looking at each other all day tomorrow!!!!

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