Happy Fourth Of July!!

We must have gremlins at our house, the wifi is down, and my other computer somehow lost it’s ability to make a CD..well a system restore fixed that right up…but how did I lose it in the first place and why?

She who sees robins first was kind enough to let me use her wifi connection. Last night a thingy went out, Far Guy called it a modem ( it belongs to our provider) we are on their list for a service call tomorrow. So we should be back up and running then. We got somewhere between 4 1/2 and 6 inches of rain last night…it rained through all of Five People you met in Heaven and Far and Away. I was about ready to put in the Bee Gees One Night only..when I somehow fell asleep. It rained most of the night..some roadways are flooded.

We have big plans for the Fourth..we will go look at the water running across the road..and maybe go into the fireworks this evening if it isn’t raining. Life in the fast lane! Have a great Fourth of July however you spend your day:)


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3 Responses to Happy Fourth Of July!!

  1. buffalo gal says:

    I am so glad we are not the only ones living in the FAST LANE….we drove to church this a.m. and looked at a LOT of water in the ditches along Hiway 10 west!
    Now we are settling in and have kind of decided that we might as well watch the fireworks on “The Capitol Fourth” from Washington, DC tonight on PBS..that way we won’t get miserable from humidity or mosquitos in some parking lot close enough to MSUM to watch their fireworks!!! Itis nice a cool in the house and I am ready to hunker down! Have a great time in the fast lane today and celebrate our great nation in your hearts and minds!!

  2. Ann says:

    We got 7.90 of rain. Were flooded the roads, garden, basement. Hope we don’t start raising mosquitoes in the basement. We pump it out and it runs right back in as there no were for it to go. Oh Well the raspberry really need rain. If the potatoes are under water for a day or two maybe they will grow bigger.

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