We are back up and have an Internet connection again this morning. Our provider was here about 8:30 AM..he was a pleasant young man..he replaced one of those flashing light unit thingys and we are good to go. The laptop came in real handy yesterday, we got it as a back up and a computer to take travelling..well the farthest it has travelled so far is up north to daughter Jen’s and to my brothers and nephews next door to hijack their Internet Connection.

 Well here is a photo of the high water..rainfall amounts I have heard about..6.6 in an official weather observer rain gauge and just east of us at a blog reader Ann’s location a whopping 7.9 inches of the wet stuff. The river is up and going across the road. We have enough rain now for a little while. Do you suppose there is a connection between the size of the mosquitoes and the standing water..if so they will be humongous. .

We went to an auction sale yesterday, what a muddy mess, most everything was wet, apparently stuff was put out before the rain. Later in the afternoon we went to the parade. I wasn’t real keen on going, but Far Guy and Chance asked me out on a off we went.

I took this photo just by accident..well is anything ever really an accident? I was just in the right place at the right time.. not just once but twice yesterday. Typical small town fourth of July parade..American Flags and Soldiers..special. Do you notice anything special about this photo? They have stopped and are saluting the Veterans at the Nursing Home.

 Notice anything now?..they are marching away. Do you notice that a little boy has been included? At the time I wondered know me I am curious sort. Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait…later as people were walking along the parade route, a Flag bearer walked by us holding the little boys hand. I thought isn’t that nice, he brought his son or a relative. Then someone stopped to chat with him..this is what I overheard.. "Got yourself a new recruit?" "Well kind of, his Dad is serving in Iraq." Kinda makes you stop and think..oh yeah the war it is still going on..we get so wrapped up in our daily lives..the economy, oil and all kinds of other news..that sometimes we forget. I bet this little boy never forgets, not even for a moment:(

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3 Responses to Connections

  1. buffalogal says:

    I love the photo of the veterans saluting at the nursing home! Those brave men who are living in the nursing home probably are part of the Greatest Generation who won the war 1941-45.
    Did Farguy and Chance take you out for a treat? I hope they went to the DQ or some delicious place near the parade route!!!

  2. Kay says:

    Have been interested in your comments about the old Ponsford store. My grandparents lived in Ponsford all of their married lives. My brothers and sisters and I would come and stay with them in the summer, so yes we remember the Masogs and the going to the store at least once a day with Grandma. Perhaps you knew them, they were Matthew & Loretta Nugent. They are both gone now and someone else lives where they did. My grandmother was famous for her flowers. My sister has a lake home on Beltaine, so she is in your area. We both enjoy reading your blog to see what is going on in the Ponsford/Osage area. Thanks for all of your hard work and keep it up!

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi Bgal, Nope they did stop and get some chicken for supper..way too many people to go to the DQ:)

    Hi Kay, Thanks for the comment. I recognize the name Nugent..but I cannot say that I remember them off hand. My parents probably do, I knew lots of people there..Bob and Ruby, Jack and Margaret, Hazel and Ernie, Hazel and Morris, Dorothy and Marvin, Ivan and Evie, and Mrs. Nunn in the wheelchair, there are probably many more, that was a long time ago. I am glad you enjoy the blog..I do to:)

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