Wistful Wednesday: Frank and Mae

Well, when you have lots of old photos you begin to get a little curious.. who were these people? Why were they important? Why did Far Guys Mom keep numerous obituary clippings from their deaths in 1968? I do know that Far Guys Mom was very fond of Uncle Frank and Aunt Mae, they were a double Uncle and Aunt..you see Frank was Grandma Meadys oldest brother, and Mae was Grandpa Curts younger sister.

This is the folder that Franks Graduation photo is in. Note the dark grey circle "thingy"..it is hard..the only thing I can think of that makes sense is a wax..that was intended to be stamped with a hot seal of some sort…perhaps my readers will venture a guess.

This is Frank..now we will have another guessing game..what do you suppose was Franks profession? Frank was born April 02, 1883 in Bassett, Iowa to Robert B and Martha Etta Michels Lemon. I am not sure when this family came to Carsonville Township, but they were here for the birth of their second child Amy in 1887. If he was 18 when he graduated from High School, then this photo was taken right about 1901.

This is Mae..Frank courted Mae, I am guessing that he walked or took a horse and buggy the mile and a half between their farms. Mae was born November 09, 1889 in Lake Eunice Township, Becker County to William and Martha Abbott, in 1896 they moved to Carsonville Township, Becker County, Minnesota. Would you like to guess what Mae did in her early life before she was married? This photo is probably from around 1907, she would have been eighteen that year.

Yes, Frank and Mae eventually get married, but they have no children..no one to tell their story, well except me..I have some photos and their Obits..other than that I know nothing other than Far Guys Mom loved them both very much. Next Week : Part Two of the Frank and Mae Story. :)

Later this evening I will come back and fill in the blanks.. Frank was a Barber for over fifty years !!  Mae was a teacher!!

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Frank and Mae

  1. GramMary says:

    Frank was a merchant.
    Mae was a teacher before her marriage.
    Great photos. His hair do must have taken some time, and her dress is exquisite, isn’t it? Very handsome people.

  2. ineeda says:

    What a darling picture of Chance, Miney, and Elvis!

  3. TechnoBabe says:

    Hubby and I looked at their photos and I said trumpet player for Frank and nurse for Mae.

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