The Water

The water from the heavy rains is finally receding. This is the Breitbach corner..I have known it as the Breitbach corner ever since I can remember. Their Granddaughter lives there will probably never be called by her husbands name. If it was called by a new name one would know what or where in the world you were talking about. Old people like me, find change difficult and confusing.

The river is way up…the culvert was running almost full.

We drove down by Guyles this is the Guyles Lake I remember from my with water near the edge of the road. There are a pair of nesting swans way on the far side, just like last year.


Shell River at the Dead Beaver Area ( I just named it that..ah the power of blogging!) was running across the road in two places..Far Guy wanted to drive through..I asked him please to turn around and return the way we came. The long way around..if we had gone through we would just be a mile from home..going around is about eight miles.. He sighed and turned around. Better that than having me scream " We are all gonna die."


Last night Chance and I went to check on the water at the Dead Beaver Area and it was still over the I turned around..I have been next to that culvert and seen the erosion..old lady and her dog float down the river in their red car..well that isn’t going to be me making the headlines this week.


The irrigators are silent after the heavy rain..usually they go night and and night..watering the roads as they make their circle around the fields. It irritates me when they waste the water on the road especially if I have my window down while going through a wet area, perhaps I should take photos of their inability to control their irrigators and document the time and dates and mail them to the headquarters of the large corporate doubt the photos and letter would be trashed..this is a potato is in bloom.

Last night the silence on the prairie was almost deafening..well until we turned up our music ..Chance and I are fond of the Bee Gees:)

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  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You did get a tremendous amount of water. Nice pictures, and as always, I so like to see the area around where you live.

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