Date Night: Hubbard County Fair

Far Guy and I have a standing date from year to year. We go to the local County Fair late in the day. The first stop is the Pork Producers food stand for a pork burger..I usually stop off at another stand to get deep fried cheese curds..last night I chose homemade french fries instead with about three squirts of catsup in one end of the cardboard container. We meet up at the picnic table under the grandstand inside the Pork Producers stand. Neither of us has to cook..we are in a cooking slump. Not in an eating slump..just a cooking slump. Especially Far Guy..and this is not a good means I have to help him out with more than just a list of things he can cook which I post on the fridge. It means I actually have to go into the kitchen and cook this is serious. The other night Jen called, I said "You have interrupted my cooking." She said " Who are you, and what have you done with my Mother?"

 We do like the fair for more than just the food, we walk the Midway..stopping to greet neighbors and friends. I am easily distracted by the Nudgers and 5 dollars will keep me occupied while Far Guy walks is not a huge midway.

For dessert Far Guy is in search of a perfect sno cone..grape..that is the only flavor that a sno cone should be in his opinion. I ask if we can just sit for a moment, I love to watch the little kids with their cotton candy and brightly colored sno cones. I "think" I see one kid with a grape sno cone..we argue "Did too." " Did not." "Did too."

Finally he walks over and checks it out. He gets in line..they must have his beloved grape.

I am joined on the park bench by one of my cousins girls..she is getting married soon..and will be the mother of six instead of four..she is a far better mother than me.. Far Guy is conversing with one of his second cousins while standing in line. It is normal for me to meet and talk with many of my cousins on a regular basis..far less common for Far Guy (smaller family).

Sno cones and kids..what a great match.

 He is now going to part with two dollars for a sno cone..later he tells me that his first grape sno cone was ten cents and a guy whose name he cannot remember made great ones…that was before the Barrys super duper home made grape syrup..and that one used to be 25 cents unless it was Joyce that waited on him..then it was free (Joyce liked Far Guy.)

 Success..just like a little kid again.

We round out the evening by going through all the exhibits in the commercial building and into the barns, where I can see the newly shorn sheep and gaze longingly at the goats. We giggle at the long eared fat rabbits..and carefully visit with a couple of Lamas before we head to Far Guys very favorite the Chicken barn..the roosters are is very hoarse..he has probably been in this crowing contest since yesterday..not much changes at the fair..the burgers are always delicious..the evening always ends at the DNR building looking at all the dead animal mounts.. the big excitement there was the new addition of a huge tub with some water in it and some painted turtles and one snapping turtle and a big sign that said "Do Not Touch, they will bite."

It was a lovely warm evening in Minnesota last night, and a great night for a date night! Tonight we are headed to the neighbors for a party..and tomorrow for a Family Reunion for Far cooking for the next few days either and by Sunday who knows. The homemade from scratch soak all night the night before baked beans that we will take to both potlucks are in the fridge..someone that was impersonating me in the kitchen is a fairly good cook..but not often:)

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4 Responses to Date Night: Hubbard County Fair

  1. ESP says:

    Sounds like a lovely time at the fair.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    Nice date and fun pictures. You should get someone to take a pic of you and Far Guy together and share with us. You did a great job capturing the little boy smile on Far Guy with his sno cone.

  3. JZ says:

    Those 10 cent snowcones were from Snowcone Pete! S

  4. abra la mente says:

    Woah, I knew I should have talked my mom & sister into heading over to the fair Thursday night. I was in your territory Thursday & Friday, working on some family research, but we had limited time due to my sister’s schedule, and some things came up that took longer to investigate than we’d expected. It looks like I may be heading up again this summer to work on this project. :-)

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