Living in the moment

Yesterday I witnessed a dog that has a worst obsession than Chance. Chance is seriously ball any time you can walk into the yard and encounter half a dozen of his tennis balls, a blue ball with a bell inside, a used to be larger soft squishy pink ball, a replica of a baseball..but soft and pliable..a basket ball…the list goes on and on. He plays until he gets hot then he plops in his pool. He approaches life with wild in the moment…always hoping that someone is going to throw the ball.

 Meet Remington, or Remmy for short..a water dog for sure..a swimming water dog.

 As he swims he makes low throaty sounds. I think he makes his own music to swim by. He has one thing on his mind and that is to swim. His eyes glaze over and he is in the zone.

He leaps off the dock into the water..going completely under the water..he swallows water..and his next trip onto land promptly pukes and then heads back in for a refill. His family doesn’t live on the lake..but his grandparents do..he was a blast to watch. He must be in swimming withdrawal during the winter.

When he was out of the water, he was eyeing it, he whined and whined..I don’t think he ever got tired out. Pretty soon he was back in in the moment.

Are you at your best today? Living in your moment? We could learn much from dogs that seem to do this so easily:)

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4 Responses to Living in the moment

  1. TechnoBabe says:

    You are so right. Living in the moment and living to the max. Great dog.

  2. ineeda says:

    What a guy! I wish I liked something that much –well, maybe not to the swallow water and throw it up extreme. The closest thing I have to being “in the zone” is gardening — my summer exercise program. Thanks for sharing the “living in the moment” thought, Farside.

  3. abra la mente says:

    My sister’s dog (Schatzi) is a cross between Chance and Remington. If near water she must be in it, but if not in water, then the balls are it! She’s 13 and on the move all the time. My dogs don’t like water much, and LuLu would DESTROY any ball that touched her mouth…even the so called indestuctible ones!

  4. buffalo gal says:

    Remmie looks like a Springer Spaniel….our late grand-dogger Trudi was a Springer and she loved ball chasing…also loved water but did not get to swim that often. She was pretty hyper also. My cousin had a Golden Retriever that spend her day running off the dock at Pelican Lake and “retrieving” rocks which she put in a pile on the beach til they got thrown back in the lake and then she started all over again. Dogs are great!

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