Grands: Adam Part Fish

Our youngest grand is eight, his name is Adam and he is staying with us for a few days. His parents and his brother are busy doing more adult activities like working and attending a robotics camp so they shipped Adam off to us. I asked him what he would like to do while he is here..he said we went swimming twice yesterday.

Tuesday nights curly fries ended up being a moustache.

 He is a fussy eater..he hardly eats anything..apparently he is not growing at the moment. I made him eat half of a jelly sandwich for lunch before he could have his favorite Vinegar and Salt Pringles..yew..I think they are gross. His supper was a hot dog and macaroni and cheese, today I will see if I can get some fruit down him.

Yesterday he jumped off the highest platform at the beach for the first time. There were two other little boys his age might have been a peer pressure thing..the first time he went up on the tall platform he came back down the ladder after staring into the murky depths of the water. I identified with him. Some conversation ensued with the other little boys..and pretty soon he was back up at the top and jumping off.

He is like a fish in the water..mostly submerged..he hunted for rocks that in his imagination could be turned into a turtle, a vulture and a fish art project for us today.

He helped me with the dishes and played ball with Chance, he misses his Mother. Not his Dad or his brother..just his Mother. She told us that he would wear us out talking all the time..well that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe today. He did tell his grandpa that he likes me just a little bit more than him. His grandpa did say " We let our daughter leave home sixteen years ago all growed up and perfect, and how does she repay us? She leaves us her eight year old"

He just woke up and wanted to know what time we are going swimming today. He also told me, he had a bully in his class last year, and that Chuckie Cheeses is no place to go for a birthday party because no one will come and that we have to work on our art project:)

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2 Responses to Grands: Adam Part Fish

  1. ESP says:

    Nice report, yes sounds like Adam: Random.

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    It sounds like he is quite open and frank when he talks to you and Far Guy. Eight is a good age. Old enough to not be needy but young enough to be interested in lots of things. It sounds like he was talked into taking the high dive but he was probably pretty proud of himself that he did it and it turned out good.

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